Thursday, 22 November 2012

Nerd exchange

So while greg and i didnt get a game in last night, we did catch up and have a yarn about the state of things, warhammer wise.

couple of things that came up, firstly, it turns out we're both doing the same kinda thing when we roll out to clubs to play - recruiting nerds. if the last couple years back in nz taught me anything about w/h, its the importance of having a posse. the more you collect, the greater the amount and breadth of games you'll have. so we decided to proactively throw the net out, and see what we could dredge up lol.
problem is melbourne is a lot bigger than welly, and while the majority of fantasy players in oz reside in victoria - apparently - there are a lot of clubs scattered about.
so we eyed up the garage at mine, and decided we could fit at least 4 tables easy, more like 6 at a pinch. ive already got a table tennis table, plus an outdoor table that needs a board on top to game on. mean, so thats two tables. just need to start buying/making terrain. mean.
also chatted about a 5k vs 5k game, and thats in the works too. big pong table, you see

but the other thing we came up with, is the idea of a nerd exchange. did anyone else billett international students when they were in high school? well we were all about it at my school, and i figured, the idea could be transposed.
basically what we're thinking of offering, is wargaming weekend exchanges. maybe just a couple dudes at a time to start with - form an orderly line now - but either over a tournie weekend, or just a regular one.
greg and i have 6.5 armies between us - he plays dwarves - two tables, and thats just the posse so far lol. we can put people up for that weekend, guarantee you as many games of w/h as you wants, and all it would cost are tickets to and from, a little bus and food money, and grog. we both live pretty close to everything, my house in particular is flanked by fish and chips stores, and across the road from the local pub. mal's eyes light up.
but yeah, key idea here like any exchange program is reciprocity. so bear in mind this is just an idea for now, but if anyone is thinking they are keen, let me know.

also, have earmarked this weekend for crafts and hangover, so hopefully get some updates up on sunday. need to greenstuff my crushers, finish building the new lobba and dd, keep going on the slann, and keep painting this lizos. what a list!

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  1. not if we shoot / magic each other to death. Which is what Skaven will do. Khorne loses then