Tuesday, 27 November 2012


So been kinda busy since last week, heres the math; akaname show + flatmates 30th last friday / 35 degree saturday + hangover x new guitar = inactivity. its so god damn HOT in my room. sob.
since then, ive had a couple of friends from home arrive over here, so havent really had much time to get stuck in.
in saying that though, heres some quick updates:
have built both lobba and dd. am currently half way through sculpting lobba. dont want to post photos till its all done.
got hundreds of mag strips last night -thanks jvdvl - so have started to finish magging up the lizos
am starting greenstuff work on crushers. got to do waaghtillery first though
no progress on the slann to far apart from basic armature. again, dont want to post photos till ive done.
have a game lined up on thurs with greg. loooooooong story short, but basically him and i have to play a 2400 pt ong vs tk game for the campaign we are in, with the to coming over to watch, so all the top 4 dudes have ended up playing each other. long story, but batrep coming up of that on fri.

so yeah, hopefully get the lobba finished tonight, but therell be a batrep coming up soon regardless.

also, all the best for everyone involved in the nz masters! would totally come along and watch if i were still in the country.
not to jump on the prediction bandwagon, but given i was asked to name my top 5, and in no particular order, ive got my top 5 money on: sammy the conqueror, jvdvl, the rat king and rat prince, and either ant's bretts, or td's doc. and yes, even though he seems to have semi retired, do not underestimate locky, hes as sneaky as destiny church, and twice as untrustworthy :p

but have fun guys, hope to see heaps of batreps, and win or lose: khorne is the winner on the day!


  1. Thanks for the vote of confidence and good to hear the mag bases arrived safely.

  2. Cheers bro. Would have been good to have you a long. I am sure you would have qualified and joined in the fight. Keep smashing Aussie face cuz.