Monday, 2 September 2013

Whats up, shirts off?

lotsa nerding to be had lately, but not too much gaming.
it starts with the return of my long lost de!

thanks fer looking after & painting them sammy! and thanks for painting those other crushers too. i bet there are a few nz nerds glad to see the end of that cold one bus tho. im gonna repaint the old stuff of mine, but not for a while. i swooped back home for a couple days last week and grabbed em. heres the latest list

shadow l4, stab dagger, lifetaker, ii

hag bsb, cauldron
l2 metal, scroll

19 spears, shields, fc
2x10 bows - 1 muso
6 driders, bows & muso
5 driders, bows & muso
2x5 harpies

13 welves, muso&champ
12 welves, muso&champ
20 bg, fc, crimson death

2x rbt

good times. but you wont be seeing these guys on the table anytime soon, although i am tempted, theyre after the lizo on the list, and ive already assembled another box of skinks, terras, and lazordon lol. heres the latest list:

slann, bsb, loremaster high, schlannelling combo, modify miscast

priests, beasts, l2, scroll
scar vet, la& d/helm, halberd, egg

3x10 skirmies
14 skirmies
41 cohort, muso, poison

2x3 terras
2x5 chammies
5 cold ones, muso
25 tg, fc


still havent played a game yet, but gonna try the loremaster high to start with. maiden game is tomorrow vs gregs awful ogres. looking forward to getting it all painted up, butgotta finish that empire first! heres what that lot are looking like so far

nearly there. finally got the characters painted too, you can see them hiding out in the centre. just gotta do the highlighting, pen, banners, basing, everything. then the rest arrive! painting!

also been deciding on a list for axemaster this coming weekend. 2600 pts, and i ummed and ahhed for weeks. a bad game early on with the ong early in the testing period drove me into the arms of ol rotbeard and his forces, but just when i was about to flip a coin for it again, greg talked me off the cliff and its ong ftw!
does makes sense, given all the gribblies ill no doubt see at 2600, and i have played ong for ages lol. but first heres my list, the 'chaff flood shoot em up':

orc warboss, stubbs, 4+/4++, +1 to hit
orc l4, scroll, ii, opal amulet

blorc bsb, cshield, 4++
blorc, mr1, fear sword
sorc l1, head
2x gigantic spider bosses, 2+/2++ flaming ward, spear

2x5 spiders
33 boys, fc, hws
25 sorcbuns, fc, ahw

2x chukkas

2x dd
2x pump wagon, s5, 4d6

drop so much chaff you can put the trukk and savages wherevz, then chaff, shoot and foot everything. simple. totally orcish too. havent got a resub yet, so lets waaagh it up. ive got the pumpers and spider bosses on the painting table too

better get back to work on them. im happy with the scratch built pumpers, will take some better photos once theyre done. i really dont like the gigantic spider models, they are ridiculous, but i have two and there we go.
so yeah, ill try batrep my lizo game tomorrow so long as its not a total whitewash lolol. 
but expect more soon, notably a full tourny report from axemaster, c'mon artillery dice! hah! shirts off! waaaaaagh!!!


  1. Filthy boring Gunline... I thought you were better than that!

    *But feel free to take one to NZTC ;-)

    1. *adds to list of potential lists to counter*

      Joel v

    2. Curses! I gave away our one secret! Now everyone at the NZTC will know to bring lists to counter gunlines :-(

  2. Oh you two. Of course mr monster mash Milner objects, but we both know its foots that kill dragons, not lobbas :p

    Nah bro, it's the triple mutalith