Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Listy list lists: VC

the armies never stop, do they?
ive had my beady eyes on a vc army for a while, and am still on the fence about where to go next - bar an empire list. got a mad lean on towards vc. love the new models, think it can be competitive, its really only the price of this list i dont like. i had some conversion ideas though, that should halve the price nearly, but what do ya'll think of this:

vlord, asf, -1ld, reroll fear tests, armour of 4++, ahw
l4, scroll

vamp. l2, forbidden lore: beasts, ha & ahw
wight king, ii, ahw
2x banshee

30 ghouls, ghast
3x30 zombies, muso & standard

35 gg, fc, botb
6 horrors

2x2 fell bats

so it runs a la 7th ed books, plus crypt horrors lol. but the gist is bunker the l4 and l2 ina zombie unit at the back, flanked by zombie units, with the three combat units up front. vlord and wk go in gg, banshees where i need them to either deal with chaff, or be chaff. bats fit in the gaps, and thats my raps lololol

but yeah, nice and clustered together means i only need to cast small invocs - theoretically - and gg are built to still hit on 2's with the banner, and lord combo. the lord is built to hit fairly hard, but not be too over the top pts wise, which is tempting with vc.
in fact, one of the lists ive been crunching - for a laugh - had a 600pt vlord character: red fury, asf, charmed shield, 4++, +1 attack sword, coven throne. exactly 600 pts, with a potential maximum 34 wounds generated lololololololol

 but the main lynchpin here is beasts. just imagine one of those three combat blocks with wildform. fuck yes. in fact, most of those beast spells are excellent force multipliers, esp when all my characters will be within 12. savage beast/panns pelt on vlord? yes please! curse your horde/knightbus. amber spear for lolz, and just imagine a mountain chimera getting in the mix. its slippery undies time.
not a huge fan of massive pt sink deathstars, but hey, when in rome right?

so, any thoughts? apart from 'use a netlist', 'black knights are great', or 'take your shirt off'


  1. banshees do nothing. If you want scream, get terrorgiests, if you want effective ethereal characters, get wraiths.

  2. disagree. banshees, along with their scream is there to clear chaff, if terror bombing it doesnt work. not a fan of terrorgeists, their pts cost, or their regen save. banshees are a great deal for what i want them for

  3. Bat swarms are handy, their ASL could make a difference and theyre flying chaff too.