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Mal's skinky skitterleap adventures: lizos vs woc

Ok on to game 4, What happened in Game 2 and 3 well.................................
I played JM in the Blood and Glory scenario, which I was already losing by 600vps as I was broken, and I had only 1 standard and a general. I didn't take any photos in this game so not much to say, played against skaven with a bell list and managed to kill the gay seer so even with being down 600vp I managed to pull a small win.
Game 3 and erm, cough cough I lost to a non-magic non- shooting Wood Elf list the less said about this one the better I think. I played Junior Williamson, who in my opinion is one of the best players in NZ. He schooled me up good and proper 13-7 loss here)
Game 4 and I'm playing Senior Williamson, with an interesting Terro bomb WOC list. Check out the list from the previous post with a link. But a quick run down, Hellcannon, warshrine, Nurgle giant, 42 marauders with flails and slaanesh. 5 units of 6 marauders horseman with flails. Characters that basically caused -1 ld if you could see them.  The scenario was the diagonal deployment, and fortunately for me that is SW giant and L4 Mask of eeeeee rolled 1's so would be coming on as reserves. The stuff of mine that was not coming on was one unit of cohorts and a scar-vet, so I got off pretty lightly.
SW has got Purple Sun, Spirit Leech and Fate of bhaji's, I can't remember what the Lv 4 had. My boys had ice shard and Curse of midnight wind. The slann had enchanted blades, final transmutation, plague of rust and transmutation of lead.

Check out the picture for full deployment, I set up 2nd and knew unless a miracle happened that SW would be going first. you can see from the deployment that SW had lined up the marauders and placed them as far forward as they would go. With all his horsemen lined up to get in on the action and the one unit with characters in behind the horde. I had kept my terradons back and set up pretty deep in anticipation. So I get to try and seize the initiative and I managed to roll the cheeky little 6, getting to go first.
So on to turn 1 on the right flank i move up one unit of skirmishers and camo skinks in range of horseman on the far right, the 2 scar vets start to jog forward. The rest of the army neglects to do anything. In the magic phase, I roll double 2 and niether of us channel anything. I cast enchanted blades a unit of camo skinks and plague of rust on some horsemen. I kill some horsemen and 1 doggy, woop woop.

SW's turn 1 and he pushes the Marauder block forward, the 2 horsemen start making a run for board edge as they get scared. the Giant comes up on the far left hand side, and the Level 4 moves on to the board on the far right and joins a another marauder horseman unit. SW rolls double 1 for the magic phase and doesn't do much, Shooting and the Hellcannon shoots the skink unit with the priests in and kills quite afew of them. Nothing else really happens.

Turn 2 I manage to get one of the terradons in range to bomb the giant thats just turned up out of nowhere, 3D3 and I mange to get 9 rock and cause 4 wounds  sweet good start, I drop down near by to javelin at him hoping to drop down good. The other terradons move up nearby to drop rocks in the next turn if they are lucky. The 2 long lines of Cohorts moves forwrd to get in to range of the marauder horde block. The Razordons also get in range as as well as the Salamanders, I want to try and maximise all the fire power I can get on to it. On the far right the skinks make a line for the Hellcannon. the most scariest thing in the army. The 2 scar vets run hand in hand towards the hellcannon so that it can have a go at it later. Magic phase and again another double 2 I cast some enchanted blade on the camo skinks that can get the hellcannon.

Shooting, and the all the fire of the camo skinks and skirmishers manages to get 4 wounds of the hellcannon, sweet would of been nice to kill it out right. but eh. Next comes the shooting on the marauder block. See the picture below, and these guys where 46 strong, but after a few pew pew pew pew. 8 left.

SW turn 2 and here comes the charges, the dogs charge a unit of skinks on the far righthand side. the Hellcannon fails its rampage test and charges the unit of skinks in front of them. Not a good them as they can't stand and shoot as it will move in the compulsory movement phase. the worst thing is my list hate things that charge in the compulsory phase. On the left teh giant charges the salamander that had moved in to a bad position to make an awesome shot on the marauders. They flee and teleport onto the other side of the board, horsemen charge the terradons that bombed the giant, and the warshrine also charges. Half my army seems to be running away and i'm getting a little worried. there is not a lot of board space for them to rally. Magic phase is uneventful and the combat phase sees a miracle happen. The Skinks fighting the Hellcannon fail there fear test, and are hitting the hellcannon on something stupid, 12 attacks and I get 6 hits and 3 wounds through. oh yeah ninja skinks SW fails 2 armours saves and allocates 1 to the cannon and 1 to a crew member. One dead hellcannon, thats a great relief off my mind. The hellcannon is one of those things that can rampage through my entire army.

Turn 3 Sees the unit of Terradons that ran away from the horsemen rally, the other 2 units get to bomb the giant and land next to it just in case. A bad mistake as the drop rocks do the job, but the giant land on one unit of terradons killing 2 causing a panic test which the fearless boys pass. The salamanders rally, and in the centre the cohorts stay put to shoot the last 8 marauders this is going to leave a massive hole right in the middle. So the 2 scar-vets push up again and stand in front of the horseman unit with the characters stuck in it the one that was behind the maurader block. Cock-blocking time. The skinks on the far right go chasing the Lv4 horseman bunker zulu style, nothing like running away from scary lil brown dudes with sharp sticks.

Magic and I get decent phase double 4 sweet. No that I have some dice, I think its time for my favourite spell........................Gold. The maurader horsemn with the 2 charcater unit looks tasty and I pick up my dice make a lil monkey sound in my head and boom double smiley face. Who needs luck eh? SW has his death wizard and BSB in this unit. I point at the Death wizard nothing, the BSB and you guessed it the smiley face look back at me. oh yeah gamey cnut. SW doesn't look too impressed, I manage to kill a couple of plebs. my miscast is a 9 and with the puppet its changed to a 10 niot great lose D3 levels, I use my soulstone and roll an double 5 great lose D3 levels. I lose 2 level and lose FT and lead spell. not to bad could of been worse. No combat who would of guessed.

SW turn 3 and he get to charging stuff, the horseman charges the scar-vet. the lv4  and horseman charge some stupid camo skinks in a wood, they can't have a reaction as they are too stupid. The scar-vets  have a spaz off with the death wizard not doing much for a few combats. the Lv4 kicks the crap out of the camo skink but they held as they are stubborn in a wood.

Turn 4
In my turn I move some chaff so that they can block the lv 4 unit when they eventful finish of the camo skinks, the spaz off combat continues. more action happens in SW turn 4. Magic phase and SW chucks Purple sun out of the death wizard who's in combat with a scar-vet. now the scary thing is that a good roll, for the purple sun, will get not only the scar- vet, it will get a razordon, 7 skinks and the Slann oh no, the Slann's  not the sharpest tool in the box. SW rolls his dice and rolls high enough to get it off, I fumble my dice and roll pants. The Slann starts to sweat a little. SW rolls his artillery dice and rolls a 8 uh oh, 24" thats going to get everyone. A little bit of poo starts to push its way out. I grab some dice, not feeling very confident and expecting everyone to die, I point at the Scar-vet, dodges, the Razordon dodges, then 5 out 7 skinks dodge and now to the game breaker and yeah baby the Slann dodges matrix style everyone dodges the purple sun, I don't know what the odds are, but SW was mightily disappointed :). the Scar-vet finally manages to find the pointy end of his sword and kill the death wizard and chase down the horseman who break.

Turn 5&6 are a non-events nothing in range so I start to put some distance from the rest of SW stuff run to the hills boys. I don't think i even cast any spell so scared of falling in a hole SW in turn has nothing in range to do anything.

Turns out to be a 16-4 win to me in the end woop woop.

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