Sunday, 21 October 2012

Whats on the warhammer list this week

heaps! thats what.
sorry about the radio silence, been busy with distinctly un-nerdy things

firstly well done to greg, coming 7th at axemaster this weekend. apparently had a bit of a cnut of a last game to a cheaty opponent who walked out in a huff - but great job greg! we canned the game on thurs due to greg realising how much painting pts were worth for axemaster lol.

secondly! did heaps more painting on the lizos this weekend, nearly run out of scorched brown, that might be an issue. hoping to do some more brown this week, but more excitedly, planning on starting sculpting the slann.
So look out for a batrep on wed starring the slowly painted lizos, or possibly some old empire of gregs. hes got a bunch of stuff that is hilariously close to what i would take in an empire list, so might end up proxying that instead - and not have to lug a case out lol

turdly, ive been seeing a few 1200pt lists gracing my inbox for an upcoming tourney, my advice to you jvdvl is drop the other unit of demis and take a pair of cannons, or one and a h/b. heed my words, i came 2nd with your empire last year lol - not at all cos i bought a hellblaster to a pillow fight lololol
and watch out for sammy the conqueror, who took a de list last year that i had written, and deemed too nasty, but without any practice games, and 20 mins spent discussing tactics beforehand, ended up winning the whole thing. many lols to be had

and finally, got some ideas for vc i might post up, two quite different lists and approaches. my poor old wallet


  1. Will be taking a much softer list this time dude. Probably my Boar boy list....

  2. thats the spirit! lmk how it goes