Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Bone splinters - pew pew & pit

Alright, so heres game one from last night. you know our lists, or have a look back through the blog to see. we rolled up a meeting engagement, i started first with 2 units of skinks off the board, while the tks had their warrior block, small chariot unit and l2 death off the board. loads of photos, thanks to greg the photographer. i also forgot we were playing 2500 pts, and only bought 2400.
 here is deployment:

scouted some chammies up the back looking to assassinate giant ben - who's pretending to be a collosus - while the horse archers turn to face em as their vanguard.

t1 starts with skink reinforcements moving on, along with a lamb pie. mm pie.
the skink unit on the far right gets cute and tries to pew pew one of the tk kitties.
other than that, not much. chammies ping a couple wounds off giant ben, and i might have miasma+penundrum'd a couple chariots that were regrown next turn

tk t1 and the horse archers charge one unit of chammies, while the archers in the building nail the other unit. the plucky buggers kill a couple of horses somehow, lose 3 in return, but hold.
meanwhile, the far right kitty takes objection to being pew pewed, and torches 11/12 skinks from that unit.
his warriors and l2 come on next to the building, while the small unit of chariots come on on the far left, behind my cocs

my left flank is guarded by this one skink. what a tough guy

quickly! we need more skinks up in here. pew pew the other kitty down to two wounds

kitty is not amused, and terrorises both units off the board , ending with a failed charge into the woods, which is a blood forest. i believe it was this turn that the small chariot unit charged into the coc, killed one, and were crumbled in return

my next turn is a cracker. pew pew the last few wounds off giant ben, then pit 6/8 chariots. miasma the closest kitty, which moves the forest onto his chariots lolol. cocs fail stupidity and move forward 3 inches

his horse archers charge my last unit of skinks, who run away. soulblights my coc

then his stalkers come up, and ruin the coc, rolling like 16-18 on the arty dice and killing 7. this is basically the point where i start to lose the game. he also manages to ping off a sally.

im all like fuck you stalkers! ima turn around! argh! sally kills 12 skellies with some flaming bad breath

his horses charge the last skinks off the board, skellies charge sally who flees, and stalkers finish off the cocs, leaving scar vet on one wound. the amount of chariots fluctuate as i kill some, and tks regrow them

t6, i charge the scarvet into the stalkers, do 4 wounds, and am kb'd in return. its in the bag for the tk now, so i do some failed charges. take that!

needed an 11 and a 12 to make the charges, but it was my t6, so i gave it a hoon

tk shoot the last sally, and get a massive combo charge on the rus. uh-oh...

good thing one kitty was on its last wound, and greg rolled a bunch of rubbish dice.

killed a bunch of rus nonetheless, but i held and it was game over. solid victory to the tks.
i kind of pussyfooted round here with my combat blocks, while i tried to pit everything, and lost on account of it. dont get me wrong tho, greg is a very good player, who you basically have to make stuff up to beat, i believe.
but rest assured my friends, ive got the greenskins here with me, itching to venom surge kitties and mangle chariots tonight! round two soon


  1. The ONG match up is going to be a hard slog fest as I might need to actually charge before turn 6...

  2. its the foot of gork for you tonight greenfield, gorks even cut his toenails

  3. Battle of the Undercoats!! Nice write up bro.

  4. cheers sammy. when you gonna upload some de pics man??!?!