Monday, 22 October 2012

Some bits and pieces

so off to gregs tonight, gonna run his empire. heres the list:

gote, fpa, s, bwh, stubborn hat, 4++, +1 to hit swoard
l4, light ,scroll
cote, bsb, fpa, es, oa
wp, ha&s, bwh
wp, ha&s
wp, ha& gw, ii
l1 fire
38 halberds, det 5 archers
17 handgunners,
10ick, fc
2x cannon
32 g/s, fc, det 5 archers

turns out he has everything i need for this list bar 20 g/s and 4 characters, so out come the fabled black gobbos, the 20ml masters of proxy!
so everything has hatred, loadsa shooting, and 5 channels. better than nz tv
so yeah, will give it a crack, see how i like 'good guy armies'. no idea what greg will play

also, heres a shitty pic of the latest lizo. you can see the slann palanquin wip next to the spraypaint. lizos are nice and brown though


  1. Not following my yellow lizos look bro? lol

  2. nah, just for the chammies. will paint a lil bit of camo stripes on em