Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Lizardy bits

good morning chaps
today im going to show you my lizardy bits, as i slog through the painting of em.
first, how i assembled them. i simply used the instructions:

lololol. heres what i unsuccessfully tried to sell before i left, and ended up keeping em. ended up with the army in the first place as a two way favour from sammy the conqueror. he didnt want them, but wanted cds. we both win. looks like a bunch of work tho ay, even though he was decent enough to base and undercoat most of it before he decided to sell em

true to form, i was loathe to spend money on metal salamanders. so i cut up some spare cold ones, bit of plastic card, and a very rushed gs job later, here they are. bear in mind i thought i was selling these, so i didnt take my time lol

ditto for the krox. i had heaps of old metal stone trolls, just did a head swap with the cold ones unit champ heads, added cold one tails, and a crest down the spine from the new troll sprue, and voila, passable krox

and undercoated. was into skrox initally

so next up to do will be the slann. again, too cheap to buy one, plus dave told me it was ridiculous to sculpt one. challenge accepted! im thinking something like this:

just kidding. will put photos up of the progress though. ive put together the palanquin already, just need to start sculpting the slann itself.
on a dinoriders note, was this not actually the coolest toy ever when you were a kid? i remember my parents got me one for xmas one year - after much nagging i imagine - and wrapped it up, and put it in the car for the annual trip to the beach house. i remember asking mum what was in the suspiciously t-rex sized box, and was told to my dismay 'paint for uncle fred'. 13 hours of sulking car trip later, i basically shit myself to discover it was actually a t-rex. thanks mum
up next, woc vs tk tonight, batrep up tomorrow


  1. Voltron was cooler, and castle greyskull.

  2. bah, voltron. he man was pretty sweet though, mum sold my castle greyskull for 50 cents at a garage sale. that wouldve been worth a mint at some point

  3. GI Joe all the way for me brother. They had huge success assassinating the Barbies owned by my sister.

  4. had a TONNE of gi joes too. lucky me being an only child eh. no sisters of barbies to interrupt my wargames. in fact the more i think about it, the clearer my evolution towards warhammer becomes, i think i started playing about the same time i realised i was too old to be playing with gi joes lol

  5. I had a tonne of He-man figures and the original kenner star wars figures, but that all changed when I ended up getting heroquest when I was 8 and never looked back.