Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Compound fractures: waaa..gh?

heres the ong vs tk game that wasnt played last week. same lists, battleline, i go first.

i move up, spiders menace horsemen. not much happens, dd does a couple wounds to big chariot unit.

greg moves back, and shoots a mangler. t2 his stalkers come up in between my warmachines.

spiders charge the horsemen and are cut down. one mangler gets awful close to his chariots. another couple wounds from the dd. my pair of chariots takes out his trio, but are terror bombed off the board by giant ben.

his kitty charges sorcbuns. i get a eadbutt off for two wounds on his hierophant. stalkers charge dd and overrun off the board. i park chariots waiting for them to come back on

sorcbuns fail to do any damage to the kitty, and despite a foot and a mangler punishing the chariots, he combos them with the remnants and giant ben. mrs gartroll fails her mission to assassinate the hierophant, fluffing all her attacks and running away. skellie bunker charges reagan who immediately venom surges the liche priest, and proceeds to gobble all but 2 of the whole unit with no wounds in return over three rounds

sorcbuns die. trukk charges kitty. chariots smash stalkers

even with ere we go up, the trukk cant get a fucking wound on this hellkitty. lost by a small amount, and then rolled a 10 for my break test. death mask pays for itself about ten times over when i dont get my bsb reroll, and flee a pathetic amount, only to be caught by that damn kitty!

so after that shit showing, i called it there on t5. greg was only gonna hide from me and try shoot the trolls. reagan might have been able to get some more pts, but it wouldnt have been enough, and i got the 9.06 train home lol

so a jolly poor showing from the ong, but hey, you learn to deal with that when you play greenskins. at least i dont have animosity issues - and i rolled for it :p
last 2500 practice game for greg on thurs vs woc, then we're back to 2400.
up next, some lizardy bits

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