Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Bone splinters: skullmunch'n

ok, so game 2 starts with some army photos at gregs behest, look at that lovely display board of his:

and heres my greenskins. couldnt fit reagans howdah so hes going bareback today. also have a couple stand in woc horses as gobbo chariots

so, watchtower. i won the roll off and couldnt put anything in there. i dont think i take photos of t1. i roll foot. hand, and who cares lol

greg moves up, not much else t1 i think. my turn i hand one mangler up, the other makes a pretty good roll. then i get a direct foot on his chariots, and halve them. i am a man of my word.

one kitty jumps on the closest mangler for 2 wounds, and he gets a banishment through, killing the other.
the other kitty makes my spiders flee from a terror test, and he successfully redirects into the pair of chariots, who also fail terror and flee. his horse archers nab my lobba - who had a direct hit on a kitty, but rolled a 2 to wound lol

my turn i rally the spiders, chariots keep fleeing. trolls stay out of 24 of flaming chariots. reagans keen to get a venom surge off, and charges a kitty. gets the 6 for the venom surge, i roll a 5 for wounds! but its cocked. reroll is a 2. dangit. still get 3 wounds off it for one in return. dd does a couple wounds to chariots.
my two single chariots charge his unit of three, and crumble em out. sorcbuns are nearly in the tower..

2nd kitty joins the reagan party, while he regrows a chariot. giant collosus ben chases down a chariot, and his stalkers appear for some trollhammering. he shoots a few spiders who hold, and kills a troll or two, but kills one of his stalkers with a misfire. reagan combat i lose, but hold, and all parties are still alive.

Not for long! ronald reagans been reading my blog obviously, cos he decides to put on a fucking good show, and kills both kitties, and is down to 4 wounds. trolls charge stalkers, and nearly crumble em all out.
trukk charges his skellie bunker, and begins the grind, i get off ere we go, but fail my fear - stupid death mask. sorcbuns get in the tower while my chariots rally and try and fight off those damn horse archers

spiders fail another terror test, allowing him to redirect into reagan with the chariots

heres the impact hit rolls, 23/24. oh god

but despite all that, reagans on one wound, and i kill half the remaining chariots. trolls finish off stalkers and turn to face giant ben. trukk keeps grindin'. here we start making mistakes. i havent been taking frenzy test for sorcbuns in the tower cos i didnt think i had to - i do - and greg forget they were frenzied. he also forgot
his tk was s5 base, and with a gw should have finished off reagan now. but he was rolling for s6 and reagan survives. giant ben charges trolls, wins with the help of -d3 s&t spell, and catches em

survives for long enough to kill the rest of the chariots anyway, and puts a wound on the prince. good on ya reagan! trukk finishes with the skellies, and from here its pretty much game over. the last thing that happens, that isnt shown, is gork's foot makes another appearance, drop kicking giant ben over the touch line, who was on three wounds at that point.

victory to the greenskins! not a massive one, and a fairly sloppy one by our standards, but 1 all now, with woc to go tonight. gonna gateway the back legs off your army greenfield, mark my words...


  1. I am over the bad dice rolls I get most of the time.... the big dice are coming out tonight.... oh and i did myself a cheat sheet, so no cheating on ben's behalf...

  2. i reckon we both need to buy a copy of army builder, and print lists off that way.
    and hey, at least by the end of the week, you'll have memorised all the stats for all your tk units lol

  3. Its always one problem with playing so many armies.. I have a plan tonight its....
    To get gatewayed turn 1..
    then again turn 2..
    and turn 3 a scroll might get used so no gateway...
    when in turn 4 and in combat you win the game

  4. dont worry about my armies, you just remember whats in your army.
    and hey! ill do the pre empting here, thank you very much :p