Thursday, 25 October 2012

Campaign round 4: 2200pt ong's

so yeah, no w/h last night, but campaign this weekend again. that crept up quick ay! sheit
2200 pts, last round before they put people in two pools for the final round.
heres my list:

Ordak Skullmuncher: blorc warboss 160, talisman of preservation 45, stubborn hat 35, shield 3 sword of striking 15
orc great shaman 165, l4 35, scroll 25, ironcurse 5

Black Orc Big Boss 90, spellbreaking shield 30
Savage Orc Shaman 70, Lucky Shrunken Head 50
Orc Big Boss 55, BSB 25, Charmed Shield 5, Opal Amulet 15

5 Spider riders
31 Orc Boys 186, Full Command 35, Shields 31 -  Loyal Followers
25 Savage Orcs 200, Big 'Uns 50, Additional Hand Weapons 25, Full Command 35 -  Loyal Followers

6 Trolls -  Loyal Followers
1 troll
2 wolf chariots
1 wolf chariot
1 wolf chariot

2 mangler pigs


no surprises there, although the warboss is still a blorc. hes gonna somehow lose his badlands tan before the final round lolol
will let you know how it goes, expect batreps on sun. will prolly be playing horrible daemon list, greg, and possibly vc. hope i dont have to cross choppas with that he list again, but we'll see

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