Saturday, 6 October 2012


Ladies and gentlemen, children of all ages, shirts off warhammer is proud to present the first in (hopefully) a series of special guest posts.
allow me to introduce the author of this initial assault on your wargaming senses; a man whose dice smile as they poison you, the prince of pew pew, the scion of slippery skink shenanigans, and the duchess of double slann, everyones favourite token ethnic.... Mr Mal Patel!


So, me mate Ben decides to leave NZ and hops across to Oz and starts this blogging malarkey,
awesome me thinks something else to keep me occupied during some downtime in work. So I’ve
just come back from the ETC, a little burnt out and bored of the Lizzy’s that I’ve been running for the
last 3 years solid. And whilst catching up on all those pointless work emails I get really excited about
Ben’s blog. Its giving back some of my warhammer mojo, So I email me ol mate Ben and asked if he
doesn’t mind me posting a painting/army building blog on his site. Being the awesomely generous
guy that Ben is he didn’t mind at all.

So I decided to go back to an old favourite of mine, forest goblins. So for those of you who may
know me, I’ve been in the process of painting a forest goblin army. When I say in the process, I’m
talking 15 years or so. Many moons ago I used to work for that company, you guys know the one,
some people even call it the evil empire, call it what you will, there was a time where petrol was a
£1 a litre, penny sweets were actually a penny and you could buy mandollies by weight, like buying
sweets from one of those cute English sweet shops. So whilst having an amazingly large student
overdraft I decided to urm........... purchase a few.

Over the years I’ve slowly added to this pile of toys, and could you believe my excitement when
the new spider riders and arachnarok came out? Well, over the moon I was. So much so that the
cobwebs flew from the wallet and shiny new toy syndrome took over me brain and I brought a
whole lot more.

So below is a list of all the gobbo stuff I have. As you can see.......I got a little carried away

30 x Metal Savage Orcs in command

Orc Shaman


Gobbo shaman

Gobbo Boss

3 x Arachnarok

1 x Gigantic Spider with Gobbo Warboss

3 x Spear Chuka’s

40 x Spider riders

45 x Forest Gobbo’s with Spears

65 x Forest Gobbo’s with Axe’s

62 x Forest Gobbo’s with Swords

40 x Forest Gobbo’s with Bows

4 x Forest Gobbo’s Chieftain

4 x Forest Gobbo’s Muso

4 x Forest Gobbo’s Standard Bearer

I would love to get some trolls and chariots and forest gobo them up with feathers etc. But will save
that for later.

So whats the plan................well to paint them all and have a fully functional Forest goblin (cough
cough savage orc )army, but not just that, I’ve been looking at the internet and not just for porn, but
trying to grab some ideas, those lads in the states make some amazing display boards, UK guys do
some awesome conversions and the guys in NZ find the most amazing alternative model ranges I’ve
ever seen. I saw an amazing idea about moulding your own shields. This is what I’m trying to aim
for before I lose my eyesight and get arthritis. I’m no good at converting, like my mate Ben is, and I
consider my painting style to be gaming standard so I’m hoping that you guys are going to give me
some amazing tips and show me some mad skillz. I will of course shamelessly steal all ideas and will
do my best to acknowledge the originators but if I don’t many thanks in advance. Your help/ideas/
suggestions/comments made this army.

Is this Painting/Army building blog going to be any good and worthy of reading who knows. Who
cares I just saved you 10mins of doing some real work.

There should be some pictures of what I have already painted here so far. Once I find out how to use
the missus’s camera and get some close up pics. To date I have the Arachnarok shaman and 16 spider
(yes that’s right I’m a speed demon)

1st things first I need to do is write a 500pts list and try and get that painted first................any ideas
as apparently this army book doesn’t have skinks in it. WTF

Mal Patel

Team Andy Joyce Token Ethnic Member

Its all fun and games till someone loses an eye


  1. Nice one, dragging in the big guns to up the ratings aye big boy! Nah great work guys, look foreward to reading more.

  2. ha! i know right. try and get some celebrity endorsement ay