Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Compound fractures: pew pew & stubbs

haha, stubbs. thats what i shall refer to stubborn as, from now on. sounds rude.
week two of axmaster training for gregs tk here, first one this week is vs lizo again, as per the initial rotation.
neither of us have changed our lists this game, although i was only using 2400pts again lol. rolled blood and glory. greg goes first

does some shootin' and magic', you know the drill. gets pretty bloody close in t1

send in the skinks! pit scatters, miasma the chariots by one. shooting rules, pew pew the top kitty off the table, and possibly get a wound or two on giant ben. sallies take out half the skellie bunker with a couple sweet as shots

tks are not impressed my ability to roll sixes, and do some charges. small chariots plough through the chammies and into a skink unit, where the tg get in the mix later, as per below photo. giant ben charges other chammies. takes another wound, and then is pew pewed too. tee hee. his stalkers misfire when they come up, delayed for another turn. i miasma some more stuff, and steed of shadows my mounted scar vet out for some assassination missions on the archer bunker.
couldnt res out small chariots due to the massive amount of impact hits they did on my skinks, which put the tg in a dangerous position. then he knocks a rank off me rus with shooting. throw enough shit at a wall right?

danger! chariots imminent! heres a blurry photo, such was the verocity of the tabletop action lol. stalkers come up and assassinate my assassin with sass. tg get naaaaaaaailed by chariots, but two remain. phew, it was pooey undies time there.

che-arge! rus go in the flank of big chariots, coc in flank of lil chariots. im stuck in challanges and clips, but res out a couple chariots. skinks pew pew a stalker

then i get an 11 dice phase. greg stops pit, but i get spazrazor on rus, miasma on chariots, wither on chariots, and sig heavens spell of -1 to hit on them too. its a kind of magic...
still locked in awkward positions tho with challanges against unit champ, and lord soaking up attacks. he gets my last two tg, but we all hold, i do a wound or two on his lord i think

i start feeding the other kitty sallies, his stalkers move to block coc and ping a couple with shooting attacks.
cocs hit stalkers, wipe em out and overrun into chariots. scar vet manages to kill tk, i win combat by heaps and res em out. at this point i think i break him, but we continue. invisible slann counts his lucky stars

heres how it looks after. more sallies for kitty

gimme some more points! snipe out l2 with combo charge. i feed kitty some skinks while solo slann gets peppered with arrows, till he notices the skink priest waving from behind the hill, and floats over there for the rest of the game, aided by a steed of shadows

so final actions here, he kills the skinks, nabs a couple more cocs with shooting, and charges kitty into rus. after a round or two, i hold with 3/4 left, kitties on one wound, and its a narrow win to the lizards! whoop

got another game lined up with the ong tonight, so more to come tomorrow.

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