Thursday, 4 October 2012

Bone splinters: woc blocks

alright, so heres the decider, game three vs tks! dawn attack with me setting up first. fortunately i managed to cluster everything on the right, and yep, rolled gateway

i move up, but cant quite get in range to gateway anything, without moving out of 12 of trolls. greg applauds my decision. direct hit with hellcannon on one kitty, 2 wounds. blast. shrine's eye is closed
tk turn, he moves up, and shoots some dogs. bad doggies.

t2 my rauders move out the building to threaten his chariots. cant seem to get a big fireball off. my lines stay about 11 inches from the tks, and reshuffle to get the trolls to the front. scrolls my gateway, might have gotten a pandy off around here. another direct h/c hit on a cat nets 2 wounds again. shrine gives +1s to twarz though.
tks stand off a bit, trying to get favourable match ups, and stopping my discman nipping up and getting a charge on the l4 archer bunker. there is more shooting, and a lil magic.

next turn i get a gateway, but only nab a chariot and a bit. boo. hc rampages. boo. finish shuffling my line at the 11" mark, and l4 pops over behind my lines now everything is in that magic 24" range. kmar move up towards his lords chariot unit. discman finds slim pickings on the flank, as greg is way to smart to leave a gap for him to land in
tks move up, one cat tries to charge the troll and fails. flaming chariots kill a troll and a bit. he gets a wound past the discmans 2+/3++. throw enough shit at a wall right?

i figure i could get the trolls into the wounded kitty, win and reform, but am not able to pop the damn thing, and my gamble is about to make me drop a whole lot of points. might have gatewayed something, might have been stopped. in any case, made no difference.

greg immediately capitalises on my error, and flaming chariot unit smashes into the trolls. goodbye trolls.
his stalkers also pop up and toast my h/c, goodbye h/c. and he pops the last wound on discman, goodbye discman - who had only managed to torch 12 skellies before he died, what a waste. then his chariots overran into the kwar with a clip. i began to shit myself here, as i had no pts off greg, and he had just netted 775 offa me in turn 4 or 5 i think

i managed to gateway one kitty, kmar make a 10" charge into giant ben, twar flank chariots. prolly shoulda got that w/s into the stalkers now, but didnt for some reason. his lord challanges, kills my unit champ, but i win and res out a couple chariots. kmar do a couple wounds to giant ben and hold.

other kitty fails a charge, takes wound from the pond. small chariots charge kmar and wipe em out, turn to reform towards twar. stalkers take a wound off w/s. tk challenges my bsb, we both take a wound and i win by res again, pop another chariot

last turn, last photo. his kitty takes another wound through the pond, but makes the charge against my kwar. hur hur. chariots hit the flank of my twar. 3d6 impact hits nets one casualty. poor greg's dice.
w/s gets into stalkers and does a few wounds, but i dont win by enough to crumble em.

last action, the kwar take out the kittie, the +1s twar take out enough chariots to crumble em, and my bsb kills his tk in a challenge, but dies from the curse. pts wise, it turned out to be a draw lol! hell of a way to end the decider. some great games with greg, with more to come next week. and im pretty sure we got all the rules right this time lol :p

so next up, a special guest post from everyones favourite token ethnic - he asked to be referred to as that btw, dont think ive suddenly become rascist because i live in australia now - and his latest painting mission.

also, tomorrow will be a month since i started this blog, which ive currently had over 820 views so far. thanks gang, and if you keep it up, i will too!

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