Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Moar bits and pieces

alright, so first off it turns out i made it into the top 4 for the swoard of khaine campaign. yay ben. problem is now ill only be facing greg's tk, who's well in the lead, helves, which im of two minds about, and daemons, which, well you know how i feel about letter lists. 2400 pts too.
thing is, i only just pipped another dude for the spot, im on 104 pts so far, whereas greg is on 140, helves on 129, and doc on 127. although i think it now refreshes, given that we are all in seperate pools. in anycase, gonna be some hard fought games coming up.

also, mr patel has sent me through some photos of skitterleap armies. hope the owners dont mind me posting em - some nice looking stuff there, are those your delves sammy?

hopefully have a couple more malreps coming up soon. i didnt manage to get any games in this week, but im heading out to a new nerdhole - hampton gaming club - this weekend, might get a game there.
other than that, might have some doc g/s pix for ya'll, if dave dont mind me sharing


  1. Yeah bro. What do you think?

  2. Is that Zebra riders in one of those pics?

  3. yeah, ol tricky dix's woc. they're very very nicely painted