Sunday, 28 October 2012

Swoard of khaine: round 4

gidday gang, its batrep time! imagine there will be a tonne of them this week all over the blogosphere, well done to everyone at skitterleap too. hoping to get some batreps of it from mal to post.
have changed desks at work too, sitting with my back to the boss, so blogging at work will have to be done a bit more discreetly = perhaps less frequent updates, but we'll see.

anyway, game 1  vs vc. he had 2x5 wolves, 2x2 fellbats, 60 zombies with a banshee, 20 ish gg, 30ish ghouls, 8 bks, 5 blood knights, and vlord with scabskrath and some bits and pieces.
special mission here was everything within 18 of the centre obilisk was subject to frenzy, even if they were itp/undead/whatever. had a big impact on this game. not sure who went first, maybe andy.

actually, i think i went first. got an alpha strike on the left hounds with a chariot, and overran when i shouldntve. moved mrs gartroll up to block his other dogs from suiciding my mangler. dd'd a couple bks

his bats fail a frenzy, and charge my pair of chariots. he raises some zombies, which i promptly charge with a chariot, to save manglers. mrs gartroll battles doggies

chariots kill the bats, but his gg fail frenzy and have to charge mrs gartroll in the flank, and zombies fail frenzy - i know right?!?!? - and charge the trolls. gg win and overrun into both orc blocks. i think i foot a few bks too. dd blows up

it takes 3 rounds of combat for my frenzied trolls to eat 60 zombies, and one round of combat for my orc blocks to wipe out gg. one mangler goes through the ghouls, the other is popped with a raise dead. for some reason my pair of chariots charge his banshee, who screams in his turn and nails em both

next to fail frenzy are his ghouls, who charge sorcbuns and are slaughtered. at this point i start moving backwards and footing stuff, figuring i had it in the bag. another foot takes the bks down to 3

banshee charges my trolls and pins em in place, waiting for the counter charge. i set up to try and dissuade him from doing so, as the trolls reform to cop it

and they cop it. that swing takes it back to an 11-9 victory to the greenskins

i was kinding hedging on andy not being able to kill anyone with his general by the end of the game, so scabskrath would kill his general, but not to be. never mind

next up was the draw i was dreading. thirster with rerolls and 3+ as, double letters, one with -2 to casting, and other with d6 charge banner, herald with flaming sword, tz l2, 2 fiends and 2x5 hounds.
ive never beaten this particular list, and didnt today either. standard battline.

he moves up, i scare him with manglers. one gets flickered.

then its foot time. went off about 4-5 times, and took a rank off both letters

he reforms one to a bus, the other beat the troll, then cop a charge from sorcbuns. if you look closely, youll see the remaining mangler has an ideal line through the bottom letters, thirster, and fiend. was about 5 inches away. i then pick up 3 dice, and roll three 1's. fuuuuuuuuuuuuck!

sorcbuns lose by one, pair of chariots goes through the woods to try nab some letters from the other unit and kills a few before they die too

letters chase sorcbuns, with 2 and a herald left after mangler goes through them, but cant quite reach thirster. hand the trolls over to assist

oh dear. oh dear oh dear oh dear.

he sacrifices his l2 to jump on the mangler, earning me my first pts. yay. im stubborn, but not for much longer. he keeps throwing units into the trolls to hold em up

nec minute...

he gets the trolls and its a 19-1 loss. stupid daemons, stupid letter lists, stupid thirsters, grumble grumble
last game was vs tks, not gregs, although you can see him next door. this mission the tower moves 2d6 in a random distance, and casts a flicker automatically at the closest unit. had issues with the tower last time i played it. robert had 3 knights, 5 horse archers, l4 nek, l3 light, 2x10 archesr, 6 chariots with prince, kitty, sphinxter, hierotitan, 3 ushabti and a ssc.

i go first, and move mrs gartroll up to the tower so its closest, not the manger. one of which i hand right in front of his chariots. try to foot the wizzie archer bunker but only kill a few archers.

dont know what happened to the horse archers of his, might had dd'd them? dunno. but he moves chariots up, and i foot half of them. manages to nab a mangler. knights come up and make a beeline for lobba. you can see below the remaining mangler has a sweet line through the chariots, titan, and shabs

doof! mangler time. wipes out the chariot, does 4/5 titan wounds and 5 wounds on shabs.
3 chariots hit the sphinxter and pop it with the loss of one. tower keeps moving towards him and zapping archers.

shabs charge chariots, and i kill one with a stand and shoot lol. kitty charge a troll but fluffs and i hold. snakes take out lobba, and he takes out other mangler. lobba takes last wound off titan before it dies.

trukk and chariot hit kitty, put it in a sack, and throw it off the bridge. shab kills chariot, overruns, but other one doesnt flee. good thing too, cos it then goes on to charge bunker, and assassinate l4 over a couple rounds! cheeky bugger

i do some looming, he does some crumbling. sorcs fail charge on snakes

who charge them anyway and get wiped out. i reform to loom some more

game ends after this photo, last shab crumbles, chariot nabs a solo l3, and its 17-3 to me. robert had some terrible, terrible dice, and that mangler hit pretty much sealed me the game.

so will find out which pool im in for the final two rounds of the campaign, think i might have just missed the top pool, but no worries there, happy to swim with the seals on this one lol


  1. Nice reports dude, like reading them. Only thing in the daemon game the mangler should have died when you rolled the triple one.

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. waita minute, ive gone back to the video ref and that mangler had a gobbo still on it!
    meaning it hadnt gone crazy - moved through a unit - yet, and they die on a triple only when they've gone crazy. whoops retracted

  4. Nah bro any time a triple is rolled they die.

  5. quote it to me. all ive got is 'when theyve gone crazy, and roll a triple'. ie they have hit a unit first, and roll a triple

  6. No mention of the MVP skull catapult?

  7. lol, ah that woulda sounded mean. happens to mine heaps, although usually falls apart a lot quicker than yours did