Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Nec minute: mangler edition

you hear horror stories about manglers, but like i sez before, most the time theyre the first thing to die.
heres a nec minute where they didnt. through no fault of my opponent of course - esp if you recognise this army. r.i.p - more that woc dont have much shooting, and if you cant get your mm's off then there might be issues. also, this is back before we knew what base size manglers were on.
disclaimers aside:

might have had a hand from a dd too, i think.
nonetheless, fear the mangler.
but if you run across these ones, dont shoot em

mangler pigs lolololol


  1. Dude, what the hell killed all my Khorne marauders in the upper right hand corner???
    It looks like they were just fighting gobbos!!!
    Man I miss that army...fucking snotty nosed dick lickers.

  2. that was my proxied rok, but you're right, theyve taken a hell of a beating.
    maybe there was a fog in there somewhere too?
    yeah bro, bunch of stink eggs. new woc book soon tho, maybe you'll want to get back in the mix

  3. Could do...depends on the models. I sold all my WOC anyway. After I finish my DE, its space marine time!!!!!

  4. Ahh the mangler pigs. I *Think* they have only hit my lines twice (once with Woodies and once with Highelves). They are sooo scary!

    And yeah-really miss that WoC army. Hehe Sam you remember that game where you puppet'ed my lvl1 metal mage AWAY from losing searing doom cos you wanted to cast it back at me haha. Good times.