Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Woc: grey and green

alright, so woc is out in a matter of hours, and i couldnt be more excited. to celebrate, id like to share with ya'll the most recent of my greenstuffed armies, my very own woc.
revel in never-before-seen wip woc photos!
i command you!

first up. the box. i used to work night shifts, so i took everything off the sprue, and popped them in envelopes, and took it to work to de-mold line. then i carried this box around with me for AGES. to the point that people at the dairy would start asking me what was in the box. good thing i didnt cut a hole in the side like i jokingly said i would to dave. pleasurebox indeed

next, the hounds. knowing full well they'd die in droves, i didnt bother lavishing them with the sticky green love. instead, i just made some mini dioramas

argh! get off me!

and painted thusly:

then, onto the warriors. this is where the bulk of the greenstuffery is. to start with i had three units of warriors in the list, this first one was khorne marked, with ahw.

i repositioned the legs to give them more of a 'full steam ahead' look, and the arms for that extra 25% face smashing. everything with a mark has head and weapon flames, apart from the marauders, who i dont think deserved it effort, or the attention from the gods.

unit filler, thinking i didnt need marauders in this army. only as mutilated, flaming corpses. which is usually how they end up after a game anyway

and painted:

halberd warriors. i went nuts on the conversions here, cut the weapons off, drilled holes through the fists, split the knuckles, slid some plastic rod in there - not a euphemism - then sculpted the knuckles back on. halberd heads are made from card and gs

fez for the fez god! fez for the fez of fez!

and painted:

next up, twar. did these first. bsb in the unit

here are the first ones

and painted.

i then decided i wanted a marauder unit. but i didnt want to buy marauders. had some left from the battallion, so, off we go for unit fillers for the marauder salad. had some spare ogres 

and we found a home for the ahw warriors that got subbed out

and painted

next: warshrine! i had a lot of fun building and sculpting this. really happy with how it turned out. sposed to be the souls of the corpses powering the icon. you know.

and painted

heres some bits and bobs. the bsb:

the base for my old flying l4. sposed to be partly flaming, partly flesh sloughing off. you know

and heres my discman, after a trip to charlies house. he had a very haunted look in his eyes upon his return, but a sweet as paint job. thanks charlie!

and also, thanks dave! who painted the majority of the majority of this army. the poor man not only had to spend 6 months arguing with me while i playtested the list, but then spent another 6 months with me nagging daily, far more than once a day. hows the painting going dave? HTPG??!?!

so here is my current woc army, in all its private and unpainted glory. how it gonna change? we'll have to see, but it definately will be changing. not long to go now tho................


  1. Love your sculpting bro. Wish I could do it half as well.

  2. chur bro. beans and enthusiasm is all you need :)

  3. These are pant wettingly nice.
    Would you consider doing commission? I have a fk tonne of unbuilt stuff i can never seem to get to.
    Robertcartledge(at)gmail if youre interested we can talk compensation (thats a buzz word for kiwis right?).

  4. Far out, these are exceptional!!

  5. shot guys, was fun! for a while lol

  6. Still a big fan of these bro. Epic.