Tuesday, 29 January 2013

New friends and old chums

So today id like to introduce you to my new empire. heres what i has so far, in its unprepared glory:

greatswords have been undercoated now, just need another 20

knights need a cleaning and undercoating. also need to put shields on. w/p is old mounted valten model (i think), and general is a funny old metal fella on the right. need to tidy up the undercoating on the done ones too

halberds. need to cut off some spear tips and replace with halberd heads from state troopers box, and dwarven axe heads. these guys are on good terms with the dwarves. looks like the undercoat will do as is.

detachment. they are proxies for now, as i dont think theres much i can do with em, seeing i cant strip em, so ima just get a new box of state troops to replace

and the spares

and now we say hullo, and goodbye, to me old cauldron. rather than have it sit in a box at sammies house, ive gifted it to him to have and love. sam has been gracious enough to share some wip pics of it, and i for one am glad to see it go to a good home with a sweet as paint job.

goodbye old friend, may you grant game changing killing blows and 5++ wards.
up next, a special woc post! also, apparently my crushers are already on their way back to oz! wtf sam?!?! its been less than a fortnight man! seriously, not only is he a mean as painter, hes quick too! like lightning. very excited, cant wait to see em!

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