Thursday, 17 January 2013

Stop the press, hold the phones, shit the bed, its woc time!

man, am i stoked to see this breaking today. i had like three emails from dave about this before i woke up this morning. its a good thing its casual friday at work, else thered by questions over my constant erection.

all the new models look awesome! i mean it!
and just when ive put the finishing touches to my current woc list. typical.
good to know drogres and forsaken are still in, the mainstay of most woc armies. hopefully they get better somehow.
new units, new old units, jizz in my pants basically.
the question is now: whats going to change in the book?
surely, therell still be a page of gifts a la ok and vc books, but also in typical 8th fashion, most of the magic items will get cut. what will remain? blasted standard? infernal puppet? if puppets back in its gotta be at least 55 pts. banner of shirts off? thats probably too o/p
marks? i hate to say it, but mark of tz has got to change. too cheap for a boosted ward, and +1 to cast is just stink. dont get me wrong, i love it. but. mark of khorne? probably stay the same? mark of nurgle ought to change though, im just dying to convert me some more nurgley stuff.
magic lores! theys gonna change for sure. will gateway still be there? i sure hope so. realistically, not on a 15 to cast tho, that is ridiculous in 8th. what about access to other lores?
pts for everything? so far in all the 8th books theres been pts adjustments for basically everything. must be par for the course. and come on, marauders are dirt cheap. will woc lose a point of I like jvdvl wishes every night before bed? hope not. especially when the faq fairy left him t4 chicken knights under his pillow not so long ago
is this the end of the 3++ woc as we know it? more than likely. fuck, i have two dudes in my current woc list with 2+/3++, the good old days cant last forever
as if i wasnt having enough trouble cramming stuff into the rare section, theres more new beasties - presumably in rare, judging by the size of em. depends on the stats and what they do whether they'll make it into my clutches. and if previous 8th books are anything to go by, i can guarantee that they will all have various reasonably costed upgrades, think arach flingers, kitty flaming breath, double ended dildo for the empire griffon, etc etc
are we getting more stuff that shoots? that tenticle-face looking thing looks a bit odd, perhaps that has a shooting attack? or is it just a too-much-touch kinda thing? and what about the ol eye of the gods? i dont know how many times i get mr3 stuff, but surely itll get a rearranging.
do we have a release date? well according to this chap:
we do, and its feb 2nd. fucking hell, i wont even have my crushers back by then. guess ive got a whole lot of painting to do between then and now.
yeah! war-ri-ors! shit, i havent been this excited about an ab since the ong one came out.
rest assured, there will be a torrent of woc talk here on shirts off warhammer once i get my grabby hands onto that hardbacked beauty, oh yes indeed


  1. Yeah I am pretty Stoked too bro. Gunna go back to my Slaaneshi roots and re do my army. Will get the book first and see what that beholds. Do Ogres have those big name things? I honestly didnt know as I never see any ogre army with them in!!! Not too sure on the look of the big beasties, but you know me, I will prob convert one.

  2. its a great day to be a woc. think i might put up my woc greens to celebrate next post.
    i know right! its cos the big names are overpriced or lame, ive only ever seen the +1s one used i think.
    mm, i cant wait to see what exactly those new monsters do