Sunday, 6 January 2013

Double doc garage bash

alright, got a couple of games in this weekend vs the doc player from swoard of khaine, nick. hes a great dude, who is even greater for not taking a thirster this weekend lol. took 29 bearers with a herald instead, 2 letter blocks with heralds, small horror unit with herald, loremaster on death, couple fiends, crusher, furies, and 5 hounds.
i took woc, we rolled watchtower. he went first

sorry about the glare on the table, damn australia. he moves up, fails a charge into tower, which is occupied by kwar. he gets off -1 s&t spell my crushers

like an absolute jerk, i s11 a gateway and take off the bearers - which look strangely like orcs. discman torches a rank of one letter unit

in they go! kill one crusher, crusher do much crushing in return and win. other letters bounce off the kwar in the building.

my t2, kmar go into his horrors, and win by a lil bit. i finish off the letter horde, other letters look nervous and take a h/c shot without much damage, and we decide to call it, and rack em up again. no fault of my opponents, just jerky jerkway striking again hur hur

this time, same lists, rolled dawn attack. nick goes first. we chaff each other in a chaff fest. im concerned about the right flank, and have second thoguhts about repositioning my twar.

my crushers start on a chaff rampage and dont affect the game. his bearers kill some hounds and overrun. i move up the kwar to take the charge. other units shuffle about to stop a combo. l1 leaves kmar and runs away. his bearers go into the kwar, forgetting the flaming banner. they hold for a round or two till the hellcannon comes in the side and rezzes em out

twar hold for a bit while he throws a fiend in front of the h/c. kmar lose, but rally and reform

kmar go into horrors, take out hounds too

in comes the hellcannon while i dodge kb attacks

and we call it here too, this time because we'd gotten to t6. i manage to take out one letter block, but the herald survives. twar hold and its another victory to the woc

so thats good. go crushers! got a game with greg tomorrow, with my movement tray vc list. playtesting time!

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