Tuesday, 29 January 2013

A taste of ones own waaaghtillery

so while the rest of victoria was off at cancon this weekend, i holed up in my room and painted, only leaving to eat, shit, and smoke. oh, and to get a couple games in against nick.
he's seen the error of his daemonic ways, and has an ong army on the go. an unconventional one too. hes running two blocks of 50 ngs with nets, 6 gw ng characters, 2 single trolls +
 6 pack, double lobba and divers, 2x5 spiders, and 7 orc boar boys, with general, bsb and l4 on boars in the unit. we roll blood and glory and i go first with the standard lizo list.

i wither the toughness of one of the spiders to try force wounds through to cascade panic. it works, with one chammie unit causing both to flee. the other kills a lobba, and panics the other. i move up a lil, but try stay out of foot range. i also steed my mounted scar vet out to try cause trouble and miasma his trolls to cause a traffic jam

spiders keep fleeing, he shuffles about a bit, dd pings a couple cold ones

more standing off, i move stuff around the tower, but dont kill anymore waaghtillery. finish off a unit of spiders tho, the others keep fleeing into general range.

more moving about, sallies blow smoke instead of flames, and the chammies and scar vet head round the tower to eat doom divers. by now theyve halved my cold ones. i iceshard blizzo the lobba in the tower, and miasma the trolls some more

foot range is attained, and it halves the temple guard. trolls and spiders on the left charge and catch the sallie, and he hands a dd back. on the right, the chammies feel lucky, and charge the lobba. kill it, and the other unit moves up out of ng los. scar vet gets stuck into his doom diver dinner buffet. cold ones decide to gtfo, and turn around. the remaining sallie toasts a good chunk of gobbos

ngs charge that naughty sally and it runs away, unable to deal with the guilt of goblicide. he also hands the boar boy trukk (buggy?) in front of the trolls, sick of shadowy shenanigans and decent magic phases. meanwhile, mounted scar vet finishes at the buffet, and fails stupidity for the rest of the game. food drunk. the other one peels off, looking to get his burning blade into a troll. not a euphemism. foot comes down on cold ones, and there one left.

there he is. look at it go! not fleeing, mind. just hiding his 400+ pts. speaking of which, temple guard arent looking too healthy after another visit from gorks foot. good thing ive got a skink shield to flee from charges. somewhere in the depths of canada, there is a smirk.

scar vet decides spiders are more delicious, and expensive. nom nom. skinks on the left throw a craptonne of shots into the gobbos, in a pointless competition to see who can kill the most. i think nick cops a miscast around here, with only a handful of the buggy left. thanks curse charm of tepok - id cupped hands him earlier for little result. not a euphemism. meanwhile, i get a pit on the trolls and kill 4. then: spazzrazor! on the skinks! basically the most deadly combo in the old world, watch out buggy!

scar vet fails a charge into the troll wandering around out of general range, who's the dummy now? everywhere else, there are skink shenanigans. youll notice only two temple guard left. yikes. kill the trolls with another pit, by now have halved one gobbo unit with shooting. whoop dee do. ive got a comfy lead in pts at the mo, figuring i can lose a unit of skinks or two to charges to protect the last two temple guard. last cold one is safe somewhere in the heart of africa by now, making an urban legend of itself.
however, nicks last turn he tries to foot the temple guard, scatters off, rolls a 1, and i get a direct hit on his buggy. dont get the warlord - 4++ etc - or the rest of the unit, but do get the l4 and bsb to make it quite a tickling, given id only lost a sally. still, it was his first game with the ong, so i thought id try something a bit more waaaghtillery friendly for game 2

whats that smell? oh, its the empire. *NB: the empire is the first 'good guys' fantasy army ive ever owned. to my green nostrils, they smell a bit funny* dawn attack, and of course i steal the initiative like a jerk. the sally and crusher bases are actually chooks. use your imagination. my l4+hals go on one flank, the knight bus on the other. nicks not too disadvantaged, aside from a gobbo block + 3 characters on one flank.

t1, i cannon one dd, and do a wound to another. a bit of moving up. all my light spells are buffs,  so a very quick turn. although i did get a boosted net on the bottom gobbos

he shuffles the spiders about to intercept any chooks coming at the waaghtillery. i think one had a touch of animosity. his lobbas try to take out the cannons, and kills one. either dd or foots a chook

i take out the last dd with a cannon, get a bubble phas off, and net the other gobbos

chooks fail a looong charge, and cannon misfires for two turns. ruh roh

in go the knights. i was betting on winning easily, killing as many of the gw gobbos heros, and him being steadfast on shitty ng ld.

sure enough, it were a good bet. knights reform. cannon dies though

chooks head over after em to stay out of los. i get bubble phas, speed of light on the g/s, and some bound spell. dont charge it, essentially. wheres the foot? i think nick was plagued with shitty magic phases this second game

he does pound the shit out of l4 bunker with lobbas tho, 1 guy off less than 25%. knights head round the building, only to be intercepted by spiders. chooks peck at the ground and make funny sounds. l4's bunker rallies perilously close to the board edge, and i cant get to the lobbas. i net the buggy

last turn, and while the net doesnt stop the buggy from moving, it does stop him casting. trolls boxcar a heroic last turn charge after i dont keep buffs up on g/s. heres the swoardmen detachment's efforts

and the g/s efforts. he rolls a handful of poop for regen to be fair, and the bloodthirsty detachment run em down. a solid victory to the empire, for the loss of two cannons this time. ong can be a horrible bitch to master, especially to start with. we know this

so there we are. now ive got some empire and de -thats right - pics for ya'll next.
lizos ill post once they are done. so far ive got to finish the temple guard, who are 2/3rds done, the slann - undercoated, and sallies - half done. then ive got to finish basing the lot. sigh.
then theres gregs tks to do, should be a quick splash of skull white and we're golden :p
and then, onto empire. i spent ages scrubbing those greatswords in the weekend - not a euphemism - and now are undercoated. most the rest is undercoated too, but will fuss about that later.

and also, a special woc post coming up as the deadline looms. no doubt we've all checked out the gw website and noticed the foc changes, does this mean ill have to spend pts in special now?!
most importantly, does it spell the end of discmaaaaaaaaaaaaan? soon, soon...

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