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10k doublehammer: chaos vs greenbeards

alright, first up, we've cracked 3000 views. woohoo. thanks for stopping by.
next, 5k vs 5k. we paired up woc and doc vs dwarves and ong. a fairly unusual alliance on the dwarves part, but as soon as you notice theres only 2 dwarf warmachines, i think this runelords had a lil too much ale.
on the chaos side, bottom to top there are 2x5 hellstriders, fiend, 6 crushers with bsb on crusher, 30letters with herald, warshrine, guo - team general - disguised as a thirster, 8 trolls in front of him, 30 summin warriors, halberds, khorne, l4 heavens wizard in there, small horror block with l2 on ife, 5 furies, 30 more letters with herald, soulgrinder behind the forest, some hounds, a fiend, and some marauder cav. so basically two tough as fuck lists, combined.
on the greenbeard side we have lil spiders, big spider, pair of wolf chariots, 2x20 thunderers, mangler, lobba, chariot, sorcbuns, mangler, 20 slayers, cannon, trukk, flaming cannon, 20 slayers,  gw warrior horde with 3 dwarf characters in, including team general runelord, dd, trolls and chariot.
greenbeards win the roll off for first turn, they have master of sorcery life, and plaguewind and base spell on guo. i get foot, hand, ere we go, and who cares about the rest lol.
we take turns deploying terrain, deploy units 2 at a time, and the battle of three hills is on!

greenbeards rearrange the lines a little, thinking we'd make the most of our shooting and magic (foot of gork) dominance. i slip one mangler just out of fury distance, and the other sneakily behind some spiders. i then - and greg is to blame here too, as we went through everything together - basically didnt move the spiders. this causes issues, to say the least. we fire some cannons through the trolls, kill a couple, dd a wound from the crushers, and foot is out of range. 

the chaos team immediately capitalise on this error, charging the spiders, and overrunning onto the mangler, popping it, and sending the chariots fleeing, eventually off the board. drats. the soulgrinder starts trying to pop the flaming cannon, and essentially spends the game being a 310pt lobba.

the last remaining mangler falls short of the trolls, and signs its death warrant. reagan moves up to try delay the crushers. foot is scrolled i believe. crushers 5+ ward - blasted standard - a cannon shot, and i think we fail to wound any trolls. homemade lobba misfires t1, and dd scatters. i think its this turn, but one turn greg fires 20 handgunners, hits twice on 4+, one wound, warded. boo.

the chaos team starts to shift part of its line around to deal with our left flank, with a fiend eyeing up the flank of the handgunners. the rest of the armies shift around to get favourable match ups, and stop flank charges etc. not many mistakes were made this game. i think this turn they get boosted flesh to stone on the trolls, but with greg's +3 dd, we shut down most of the chaos magic throughout the game.

regan rolls up all 8 of his sleeves, and prepares to tie up the crushers, to make up for the error of his tiny spiderlings earlier. actually wins combat by a couple, but crushers hold and reform. they kill him a round or two later, but we all forget till later that they are not frenzied anymore. dont think it would have been a game changer, but defiantely would have gone another round of combat before he died + whatever failed fear tests might have come up,
in other news, the greenbeards send out more chaff to delay, popping a chariot in front of trolls, and some kind of slayer hero behind that. i think this round greg rolls a pair of 1's to wound with his cannons, and i miss the the soul grinder with my waaghtillery. more stand offs on the far right flank and the chaos team crunch numbers and decide they cant kill 20 slayers in one round of combat. i dont get much magic off, as ive got heaps of dice, but basically got two spells to cast. dont IF, they dispel.

in the chaos turn, that sneaky fiend charges the flank of the thunderers, and is kinda camouflaged in the below picture. trolls charge chariot, warriors get mr3 from the shrine. more positioning, but nothing is ready to commit. yet. trolls kill chariot, but dont quite make the overrun into the slayer i think. thunderers win and reform deep

no charges of note in greenbeards turn, but magic is eventful. first i monkey 6 dice at a big hand on the unengaged thunderers. the roll is enough to pop them behind the letters. lol. roll a dimensional cascade, no one takes a wound, l4 stays alive and loses 1 dice. so i 6 dice a foot on the warriors. IF it, scatters completely off twice, then i roll a 1, trukk gets halved, and my warboss fails los and 4++ ward, and dies. gork is not amused moving stunties around, and punishes me. miscast leaves me with a l1 and no spells worth casting. ah well.
 thunderers win against fiend and reform to horde again, and between the handed unit and the stand and shoot, nails 2/3rds of the letter unit.
but by far the best bit of this turn 4 or 5 i think, maybe 4 - is gregs first cannon takes 3 wounds from the guo, homemade lobba hits, and wounds for 6, then the dd hits, does one hit, and nick fails his final guo ward as papa nurgle collapses in a pile of muck, with a cheering gobbo impaled through his skull. this is the first instance of everyone staring at a single spinning die. slayer hero fails a charge into other letters, but sets up multiple speedbumps

the dead general causes issues for the trolls - which have been regrown to full strength now, and they stumble forward with their flank exposed. crushers finish off reagan, reform in our turn, and charge the thunderers in chaos turn. i think the other letters fail a miniscule charge into the lone slayer. other letters beat thunderers but dont catch, and crushers win, but thunderers are steadfast, just.

here, the savages fail a 4", game winning charge into the flank of the trolls by rolling a 3. sigh. killing the guo puts us about even on pts again, so its still anyones game. all our shooting misses the soulgrinder, thunderers rally.  my now l1, runs away.

letters charge thunderers again and pursue off the board. other letters charge slayers, but as per slayer math, cant kill em all. soulgrinder fails the charge into the flank. he passing ld4 stupidity and charges slayer and reforms trolls. also gets iceshard blizzo on the sorcbuns. lord have mercy, as if it wasnt important enough they punch through the trolls already.

top of turn 6, and after a bit of deliberation, the greenbeards decide to finally engage. trolls go into letters at the top, as his flaming herald was still in combat with remaining slayers. his dwarfstar goes in for a horrible clip on the horrors, and the sorcbuns hoist up the loincloth and charge the trolls. no magic, and shooting does little, with dd doing 6 hits and 6 wounds to the 5 marauder horsies.
trolls lose to letters, but get away, horrors crumble, but greg forgets about new crumble and stands there awkwardly, while his dwarfstar does the same. savages win against trolls by a couple, but crucially cannot catch em.

letters come back on the board and let their hair down. other ones charge dd, and overrun onto my trolls, wiping em out. his trolls rally on a 4. crushers go into the flank of of the sorcbuns, and despite throwing both characters in the way, they is not steadfast and are run down. boy i love crushers, but i do not like being on the recieving end of em. looks like the greenbeards have lost this one by quite a bit. damn dwarves.

however, the massive woc block with l4 fails its frenzy, and has to hit the dwarfstar, on a horrible angle. greg promptly makes way with his unkillable lord, wins combat by a bit, and the wocstar flees 7!
greg rolls his pursuit, needing an 8. rolls a 3 and a... cocked die. for the second time in our 6 hour game, time and space freeze and 4 pairs of eyes watch a single spinning die... its a 6!
dwarves catch the fleeing woc, and that massive swing brings it back to less than 100vps diference, and the battle of three hills is a draw

so yeah, that was fun, but very very tiring. i think of the three of us, i definately lost the most. but then if i were a dwarf in this situation, id send the orcs off to die in droves. nevermind the fact that there were more dwarves on the battlefield than orcs - lololol.
but yeah, lots of fun, lots of combos never otherwise imagined, and im glad we didnt get completely pasted by those two.

so as soon as i finish doing some work - sigh - at work, ive got me crushers here ready to be sculpted. also cleared off the ol work desk and started painting the lizos again last night, got through the 2nd wash on all the skink's skin, so got some drydrushing to do on them tonight and we are back on track.
ive basically given myself this week to finish painting em, or do as much as i possibly can in a week.
there isnt that much more to paint, just the small stuff and bronze now, then teeth, eyes, washes etc. its the slann that will take a while to sculpt, but then again, ive got all night all week, now i cant procrastinate on the 2-10 shift at work like i do at home lol

also, payday this week, so as soon as they're done, i can get me some vc! whoop!

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