Thursday, 10 January 2013

2v2 5k Warhammer madness

thats right, its time for some 2v2 warhammer tomorrow. seems like every time theres a welly tournament, i end up on some warhammer mission of my own over here. must still be on the same nerd clock. anyway

heres how we're running it:

2500 pts, no special characters, no comp but don't be an egg :p
Battleline mission, standard vps as per brb - ie fleeing units DO NOT give away points - except it will be combined team vps
Nominate one lord to be the team general (18” Inspiring Pres (due to a bigger table))
Both bsbs will alow re roll for both armies.
Each player on the side that rolls on the winds of magic rolls two dice each and the combined total goes into the magic pool….. the dispelling team get the 2 highest roll plus any channels.
Either play from the side can use the power dice and dispel dice, split however they please.
Player 1 rolls :6,3 = 9 total
Player 2 rolls :4,2 = 6 total
Their side gets a total of 15 dice for either player to use.
the dispelling side get the highest of the two rolls, the 6 and 4 + any channels.
regular mysterious terrain, but no arcane architecture

so not too dissimilar to storm of magic, but honestly, whos ever played that?
weve got greg and probably his dwarves, nick and probably his daemons, aaron and probably woc, and im going to roll on the day. im hoping its not lizo, and everyone else probably hopes its not woc lol, esp as aaron is of a similar woc mind as my list.

as for teams, just gonna draw names out of a hat for the pairing.
so off to gw tonight for a watchtower, put it together tonight and flock some forests, and scrounge round for any more terrain lol.
so keep an eye out for a batrep later this weekend. ive never played doubles before, am looking forward to it.

and good luck to everyone at homecon this weekend too!

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