Thursday, 24 January 2013

Waaghtillery vs artillery: ong vs dwarves

alright, so greg didnt get a resub for this cancon list, guess i owe him 5 bux. apparently, its ok to have 5 war machines here, go figure. anyway, meeting engagement, greg wins the rolloff and doesnt roll a one. he sets up as you can see, with  slayers ready to hold up my entire army while he plays for a 12-8.
i have my trolls and a single chariot off the board, so have to set up further back to wait for them to arrive. dont steal initiative, greg goes first

first cannon shot kills a mangler, going through and killing a chariot behind. panics doom diver. other cannon does two wounds to other mangler. grudger is in a wildwood, and takes two wounds, but hits a lobba for two wounds i think. organ gun and lame cannon are out of range.

i move up, try and get chariots and spiders round the flank. hand a mangler behind his lines. shooting does nothing

greg responds by blowing up his grudger. then he clears out 3/5 spiders, but they stick. then he kills the last mangler. i send a troll in to deal with the slayers, but it is dealt with instead. the rest of my army lurks out of 24"

pair of misfiring cannons this turn, while the cannon crew fought of the remaining spiders in the previous turn. his top warriors boxcar a charge onto the chariot, needing an 11. we both whiff, i get away, but later run off the board.

how many times i gotta monkey the foot before i if it? 3-4 it turns out. halves two of his blocks, then buggers off. lobba manages to nab the organ gun, and the savages charge into slayers. kill all but one and the giant slayer, who stays locked in a challenge with the unit champ. i reform deep

greg sends the hammerers into the savages with a trademark horrible clip, allowing the savages to only fight the runelord and bsb. i start losing combat, but holding. he kills two trolls with a flaming cannon. another dwarf unit charges the lone chariot and kills it

last turn i manage to lobba the lame cannon, and the flaming cannon, as he challenges out and kills the blorc babysitter, and the l1 sorc. i keep holding, then get the trukk in the flank after killing slayer unit and reforming. kill the other giant slayer, win the combat, but he holds

ends up looking like this, and its a draw, with less than 50 pts difference.

thought it would be a complete whitewash there, but managed to bring it around. good luck to greg at cancon this weekend.

as for me, well its australia day here, which means monday off work. that means 3 day craft weekend! i plan to hole up, ignore everyone, and paint the shit out of lizo and tks. ive got about 30 skellie archers and ten horse archers to paint, and a hierotitan to finish sculpting. then theres the empire that arrived last night, quite a bit of work to do there, replacing spear tips with halberds, gluing broken bits together, and undercoating/stripping greatswords/mag basing everything on the menu to.

sounds like my kind of long weekend. pics up soon

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