Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Grave errors

so had a game with greg last night, took my proxied movement tray vc list, vs that dwarf list of his.
took some photos, but who wants to read a batrep about movement trays.
plus i made a lot of mistakes. lol
meeting engagement, ended up being a very narrow win 11- 9 to the dwarves, but some highlights were:
-banshee rolling an 11 for its first scream, turn 1, against his flame cannon
- vlord and gg killing everything they touched. didnt touch too much though
- a unit of zombies chasing down the remants of a dwarf unit. best zombies ever
- not getting a single spell off until t5-6, which was a wildform on a zombie unit, and curse on the hammerers they were fighting.

in the end i had my vlord, baby vamp, a banshee, and gg left. still a good whack of points.

had a rethink about the list too, 6 horrors just dont cut it. 228 isnt enough to add anything, so instead, ive upped them:

vlord, heavy armour, dragon helm, ahw, ironcurse, talisman of 4++, red fury, asf
l4 necro, scroll

vamp, l2, forbidden lore: beasts, heavy armour, charmed shield
2x banshees

30 ghouls, ghast
3x20 zombies, muso & standard
2x5 wolves

34 grave guard, fc, banner of the barrows
8 horrors
2 fellbats
spirit host

getting rid of some easy pts, tying it up in bigger units. wight king was good, but unnecessary. definately need 8 horrors though, just to offset crumbling - at the least lol, poor mans trolls indeed
also rejigged the vlord kit, 4+/4++, with a sneaky 2++ against flame. why not. hes got the ironcurse too. and finally managed to squeeze a spirit host in there too. i love em, and rate them highly as a potential game changer, especially with two lone banshees floating about, who would you biff a banishment at first eh?

Anyway, ill give it some more playtesting, see what comes out the other end. an undead puree? we'll see. in the meantime, im doing some 2-10 shifts at work next week, so hoping to finally get back on the sculpting bandwagon and get them crushers done. lizo painting has flat out stopped until i get a desk fan, way too hot in my room to sleep, let alone sit around painting.
excuses, excuses.
gonna get some more games in with the g-regulator in the weekend, so more batreps to come


  1. Dude...chuck a nightshroud in there. BEST. ITEM. EVER. (in the vamp book). Plonked next to your Vamp Lord with (Banshees in your case) on either side=unkillable front rank with VERY killy Vamp lord. I still think you would get better milage from OgreBlade, OTS, 4++, redfury, asf, the 15pt one that forces ldship test + armour. s7 Vamp lord will carve up EVERYTHING without need to get wildform/SBOH off.

  2. not a bad idea, but a pricey item, and no one to dress it on. and yep, thats a good build, but im not going to lift it straight outta ryans list lol