Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Listy list lists: vc & emp

unfortunately, didnt manage to get a game in with greg on tues due to faulty trains.
good news is the slaan arrived, yay! my second finecast, but the first ive actually assembled and used.
wasnt too bad, apart from a nasty mold line all the way round the palanquin, but what can you do.
painting has continued, albeit at a slower pace while i gasp for air amongst a sea of figurines. slann is undercoated and primed, then i had to go get a tooth pulled, and i didnt feel like painting much after that lol. gregs coming round tonight for a game tho, so will batrep tomorrow.

now, listy list times. first, empire

had a redo. trying to get rid of easy pts, things that havent been performing, and rearranging units based on my new empire thats about to arrive:

gote, fparmour, s, bwhorse, fear sword, cocommand, 4++
l4, light, scroll

cote, bsb, fparmour, eshield, dawnstone
 wp, gw, ha, opal amulet, ii
wp, ha, bwhorse, cshield
wh, bop, potion of i

10 icks, fc, steel fanny
24 hals, fc
24 hals, fc

32 gs, fc, gleaming pennis
det 16 swordsmen
3 dgk, muso
2x cannons

pretty similar, same character builds, dropped all the archer dets and outriders, added more hals and split them for bunkers/support units. having two hordes was tricky not to get tangled but mainly i wasnt ever getting to combat with em, and bussing around anyway. so now ive got one for both the bsb and l4
now, the contentious swordsmen detachment. i like this idea, and have seen militia used well to the same effect for a similar sized gs unit. thats really all there is to that
bear in mind these changes are partly due to the above, but like the lizo, also what i have. means i just need 2x g/s boxes, 1x demis, and a wh and wp.  not bad.

then, the latest vc:

vlord, r/f, asf, armour of 4++, postrength, ahw 370
l4 necro, scroll 225                          

necro, l1, death, power stone 85
necro, l1, vamp, book of arkhan 105
2x bansheez                190                            

30 ghouls, ghast 310
3x20 zombies, m&s 210
2x5 wolves 80                                           

29 gguard, fc, botbananas, g/w 428
8 horrorors 310
2xfoulbat 32
sphost 45                                                

some minorish changes here, first the vlord kit. ive been convinced of the importance of high s on him. so i went the cheap route and took postrength+ahw. only one turn, but nearly same price for +1s sword, so a good trade i thought, and the cheapest way to make him s8. with 6 - potentially 7 with the book - asf r/f attacks at s8, it should be enough to kill anything shy of a greater daemon in one round, or put a game changing dent in monsterous cav/knight buses. totshard? maybe later, we'll see how this goes first

beasts vamp is out, necro spam is in. i didnt know about the spirit leech faq taking the highest ld in the unit, leaving me to abuse the vlords ld10. thanks etc. i expect the poor necro to die, but not before hes used his power stone. second vamp is cos i didnt have pts for much else, i couldnt realistically expect to get through comp with more than 3 ethereals units. not to mention +1a on ghouls/gg? bound 4? yes please. it came down to having 200 spare after the rejigging, so these guys maybe be subbed out at some point, as there were a few different ideas with what to do with 200 spare pts.

cores the same. caw caw

a few less gg means they can have g/ws. id built them too defensively, and overall the previous list was missing a spikey unit that they should have been. still got banner of the bananas for +1 to hit goodness, and hopefully the additional channeler & vamp lore caster will even out their survivability without shields

so yeah, more paintin' to do! wheee

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