Monday, 21 January 2013

Shirts off update

right, progress!

finished painting all the skinks, all 50 of the lil buggers.
am onto the saurus now, empire arrives on thurs, along with some tks to paint, so one more big effort on wed night. Slaan still hasnt arrived, but ah well
am not a fan of having huge piles of stuff on my desk to do. i find it somewhat demotivating.
in the meantime, as we get closer to the woc book release, ive noticed a portal to the realm of chaos has appeared above my bed. i expect reinforcements to come pouring out of there soon, hopefully not when im asleep though

in other news, still tweaking the vc list, nearly ready to put on the proverbial spit
empire on the other hand, no idea. well, more plenty of ideas. should really have playtested that a lot more. lol
taking the ong tonight to gregs. Now ong, im trying to take the best bits from double trouble - waaghtillery basically, and no pumpers, but a pair of chariots of a single troll. we'll see how it goes tho. batrep tomorrow

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