Sunday, 3 February 2013

Woc! and a batrep

so.. warriors of chaos huh? have i been getting stuck into the new book? yes:

heres what sticks out for me:

15 pt regen on chimera terrifies me of an faq now that i bought one. its already undercoated.
disc of tz is 30 pts, but now has 3 s4 ws3 fear causing magical attacks. nice
apart from special choices, my list isnt actually gonna change thaaat much.
there are so so so many ways to write a woc list now
you gonna see a lot of daemon princes about. now im going to take the long view on this, and not budge on my answer of no. why? no puppet. i just cannot put that many pts into a spellcaster personally. hes great, and its a good idea, but nope. i could see a place for a non casting one in a monster mash list, flanked by  a pair of chimeras. plus is he gonna make anything remotely resembling his pts back?
warshrine is lame. its got a buff with more attacks and no difficult terrain etc, but no.
ogres getting proper ogre charge is awesome
trolls getting ahw option and ong price is a very frightening prospect. unless you have treason/pit/etc
new monsters are a bit lame. mot spawn is so close to awesome, but the 2d6 random movement negates the s3 flaming breath weapon
knights and crushers only being s4 base now means you have to go e/w
h/c got a 5++ for 5 pts. fuck me

so heres the first draft of me list

l4 sorc, mot, disc, cshield & 4++, scroll, 3rd eye (reroll failed wards of 1), s4 flaming breath weapon

ex bsb, mot, 5++, eshield, fear sword

2x5 wolves

16 woc, mok, hal, m&s, boeflame
15 woc, mok, ahw, m&s
15 woc, mot, hws, fc

chimera, breath weapon & regen

4 crushers, e/w, muso

hilariously, not too dissimilar to the first woc list i ran. well, less the crushers and chim, but hey.
heres my thinking:
l4 mot is what it is. hes 430 with all the toys, and just as susceptable to falling down the hole as dp, but hes cheaper at least. only ld8 compared to 9 of dp, but ive always run it so whats the diff. hell, i also didnt take a puppet for ages too.
bsb is what he is. dont want 4++ cos it would downgrade the armour and dont often need a 3++. got a fear sword to make the unit immune, thats a good change
less wolves, they always just die
woc blocks. twar is a smidgen smaller. hal kwar do what they do

but the most contentious: ahw kwar. basically i had 290 pts spare, i went through various special entries, heroes, but pt for pt, wound for wound, attack for attack, this is the best option. but most importantly: i have them. now that i have the chim, i already have the entire list. ahw kwar isnt a bad choice, but its a safe one before while i evaluate the other options.

chim. doesnt need explaining. yes i could do a hero for cheaper, but to match the damage output of the chim, it wouldnt end up being cheaper. im going to tag team with the l4 for ld and dual s4 breath weaponing hordes i need to fight later. sure a 3++ is more survivable, but in combat he has more wounds and a higher toughness. a chim would also be able to cancel the discmans biggest weakness, static combat res. im sure i dont need to mention the potential 15 attacks at s6+ breath weapon. so long as i pick the right match ups - or strip ranks with bad breath first, the chim will be an excellent addition.
hellcannon. i loved, and do so more now it has a ward. not a trace of the nerf bat.
crushers? do we need to talk about this? nope

 so thats the first draft. there are lots of shiny new toys, but i think ill ease myself into it, one unit at a time.

next, heres a batrep from the weekend at gregs. ong vs de, watchtower. ive changed my list slightly,
usual warboss, l4, bsb, l1 and blorc hero, 5 spiders, same trukk and sorcbuns, 6 trolls, 2x wolf chariots, double dd, double lobba, double mangler. newest addition is 2x gobbo big bosses on gigantic spiders, la, sheild and spear each.
greg had - top to bottom - 2x co chariots, 40 ahw frenzy corsairs, cauldron - that looks suspicisouly like a dragon - 20 bg with asf banner, 2x5 harpies, hydra, l4 on metal, 2x 14ish bows, 10 coks. i win the tower, but cant put anything in there. greg goes first

he moves up, gets enchanted blades on a xbow unit, might kill a sorcbun

my turn i make a long charge with a spiderhero into a chariot, to get out of the way so i can move a mangler down, out of harpy range. other one moves up out of xbow los. i move sorcs up, but fail to see the flank charge. spiderhero wins the chariot fight by one but it holds. dd's ping 4 cold ones

in my defence, i was sitting there crunching the woc book as i played this game. you can see it below on the battlefield. anyway, corsairs come into the flank of the sorcbuns, win, but dont catch em. shoots a wound off the top mangler. spiderhero is flanked by harpies, loses by one, but gets away

i throw the trukk into the rear of the corsairs,  one mangler kills a single cold one, the other goes through both chariots and the harpies, and kills em all. sorcbuns rally and i hand em behind the bows. dds kill all but two cold ones

corsairs rally, and bg charge trukk. xbows shoot the shit out of the sorcbuns, who flee, through the mangler. facepalm. he kbs bsb with bg. harpies kill a dd.

i hand the trolls over, then lose my general and l4 to kb.

and we call it there. it was a massacre! stupid killing blow.

i like the spiderheros, youll be seeing more of them. also, me and greg have signed up for a doubles tourney. gonna take ong and tk, list is looking like:

Lvl4 Tomb king lore dragon bane gem
LVL4 Big warrgh scroll

LVL1 Big Warrgh Shrunken head

20x Skelie archers muso standard

20x skellie archers muso standard

24x Sorcbuns with FC

10x Horse Archers
2x Wolf Chariots

War Sphinx Fire breath

2x doom divers
1x rock lobster
1 casket of souls

nasty. hur hur


  1. I like nurgle bsb on a palanquin myself. Fills ranks and gives bsb 4 wounds...

  2. yeah, plenny of attacks too. just means you gotta take a unit of mon warriors/rauders. not a bad idea at all, i just dont have em, and my enthusiasm/know how much work itd be to sculpt a unit balance is all skew whiff at the mo lol

  3. I'm pretty happy with the changes to WoC.

    Personally, I'd field a lvl 4 Nurgle DP.... the lore attribute of Nurgle and the buff/augment spells of Nurgle has great synergies with the mighty DP.

    You're right about the high risk of lumping all those points into one unit... ideally, you'd want to have it in combat asap and have other juicey targets for the opponent to target, i.e. Chimera.

  4. yeah, that nurgle dp will be as common as crown of command. agree about the lore attribute too, thats clear as day. chuck a soul feeder on him, and roll 6's, much to your opponents frustration