Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Take it off tuesday: lizo vs tk

off to gregs with the freshly painted lizos. no glamour shots yet cos i aint based em. still.
gregs got his tripod out - not a euphemism - for some near on time lapse hammer.
top to bottom hes got the usual; ten horse archers, 8 chariots, 2x20 archers, one with heiro, casket, titan, pair of bad kitties, more harchers, and a pair of tomb scorpions, and those fucking stalkers entombed.
ive got skinks, sallie, skinks, 6 cold ones - trialling splitting the big unit - saurus, sallie, chammies, tg&slann, skinks, more cold ones with a scar vet, skinks, and other chammies right in the bottom right corner.
blood and glory, greg goes first.

 lil moving, dessication on the top sallie, who is shot to bits cos greg thought they were s5 templates. theres more shooting at skinks and chammies, but when isnt there?

 i do a lil movin, nothing exciting. get a scroll out on pit, wither a scorp to t2, but only get two wounds in shooting.

gregs stalkers come on, scatter off the table, rolls a 6, and rolls the table side that he originally wanted. so basically gets a free move lol. there are some chaff charges, but his hiero miscasts his first spell, rolling an 8 that i curse charm to a 3, and down the hole he goes. that explains the missing tk stuff below. so while the harchers and archers slowly fall apart, one sphinx takes two wounds in a crumble, but all the chariots & construct stuff rolls a 9 or under for crumble for the rest of the game.

stalkers wipe out the bottom coc unit, leaving only the scar vet. scorp overruns through the skinks. errthing else gets closer. i get two pits off over the nec couple turns, but both scatter 6". pendulum a wound or two off wounded kitty. miscast steed of shadows, and wiped out 12 tg. what i didnt check at the time, but the way its written means i could have still ignored it without an enemy wizard nearby. nevertheless.

he charges sallie with uninjured kitty and i roll snake eyes for the flee, and he catches. stalkers charge into skinks with a wither on em and i kill one

i throw rus into the flank with a spazzrazor. scar vet flies behind the crumbling archers. cocs fail a boxcar on chariots

rus reform after smashing kitty, but its looking grim. scorp goes into to skinks to support last stalker with two wounds, but both survive and win, stalker running off the board. chariots go through cold ones. im losing a tg or two a turn to casket

chariots go through saurus, and stalker comes back on. last two tg are casketted, only skink priest and slann left now

we figure he would get both, as is t5, and i run for the train. despite this being an asskicking after me not being able to capitalise on his hiero's death, the way blood and glory is fought here in oz is if you break an army, you immediately get the entire armies pts value, which is offset by what ever pts the broken army can get from unbroken one. so i think this was a draw, in that case, cos gregs only got two banners and general.

empire update later

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