Sunday, 10 February 2013

Shirts off saturday

it actually starts on friday night, with the crafts pile. can you believe there were only 10 greatswords in the whole of melbourne cbd? my credit card breathes a sigh of relief.
got whunter and g/w wpriest in the post, box of state troops and a hellblasterfinished the titan, wasnt that pleased, but will get a pic once its painted. did a lil more on the chim. more later

then off to hampton! who do i run into there? james milner! hes moved over here last week for work. awesome. then i got a game in with none other than mark skilton and his feudal japan helves.
 pretty cool models. rolled another meeting engagement. bottom to top he had an eagle, pair of rbts with 10 archers between, containing his high l4 with a 4++ and bits. then a block of 30 ish spears, one l2 with the pick spells item on fire, another with wildform and an anullian crystal i think. then 20 swordmasters with bsb, another 30 spears, eagle, and 10 bows and an eagle in reserve.
i had l4 and a lobba in reserve, but went first:

one mangler got close to his swords, hidden behind the forest. the other i handed over when it fell short. errone else held still while the trukk waited for the l4. get a foot on his centre spears, halving them, but rolling a 1 and halving the trukk on the return. dds did a wound or two to eagles, and the lobba misfires

montys reserves come in on the far corner, and he directs all his fire and magic at the manglers, killing one. might have got a flames of the phx on the sorcbuns, was happening a lot lol. moves the bottom eagle right up to spider range

spiders lose one, but take out eagle. spiderbosses lurk. mangler goes through the swordsmasters, only killing a few thanks to his 5+ ward earlier. i try bait him out with the trolls and shoot down an eagle. charges the rear of the top spiderboss, who eventually kills the whole unit. this may have been in error as we were both rolling for fear through that combat, when it should have cancelled it out. nevertheless, he goes after the trolls. problem was me not stopping burning blades on the swords. i kill a couple, but get left with 4 wounds and run.

spiderboss wins the combat and reforms. other one takes two wounds from rbt. fotphx is up on savages. trukk gets stuck into swordmasters. remaining eagle takes out a dd, but is charged by trolls

spiderboss and chariot go into big spear block to hold em up, other one gets into l4 unit. trolls kill eagle eventually and reform back towards the centre. sorcs get closer by failing a charge. im not getting much magic off, having to keep dispelling fotphx. i win the trukk combat, but only have bsb on one wound, and general one two left from the unit - no l4. then the spears come in

spiderbosses both die, one nearly gets the l4, the other holds up the spears so they cant flank sorcbuns. i shoot the archer unit out from the l4, who hides behind a hill. he roadblocks the sorcs with a l2, and the blorc babysitter charges out into him. should have charge the whole unit, but angle wasnt great.

unable to get my sorcs in, i charge both characters into the spears, but both die. trolls move up to support warboss, bsb dies but stubborn hat makes him hold

heres how it looked at the end of game. 2 sorcbuns left after all the shooting and magic, warboss on two wounds, troll on one wound and some warmachines. ended up as a draw, loads of pts of mine spread across 5 wounds lol. but monty was great to play against, and a list i liked a lot.

so this week, the plan is to finish assembling and undercoating the empire, paint the chim, and finish the lizo. taking the tg to work tonight to do, so hopefully should be on track for next week...

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  1. Was great to catch up mate. Now we just have to arrange some time for me to crush some Greenskins under Dragon claws ;-)