Friday, 22 February 2013

Take it off thursdays: a compilation

alright, so lots of gaming went down last night, but rather than batrep the whole lot, for a variety of reasons, heres a best of.

it really was a dark and stormy night, very literal thunderstorms. of course we're playing warhammer in the leaky tin roofed shed with the baking soda based woc! i thought it was time to assess this daemon prince option, now i had the beginnings of one. thanks greg.

we rolled meeting engagement, and i rolled 5 ones for 10 drops. on the board i had dp with nearly all the bells and whistles - l3, monurgle, poisoned, soulfeeder, flying, scroll, 2+as - a pair o' chims with regen and bad breath, my bsb on his lonesome, and 3 crushers with a muso. oh and i had to set up first. absolutely brilliant.

in reserve i had:

greg then not only didnt roll any ones, that jammy bastard stole the initiative and tks went first. bsb fled from a scorp charge. shots and spells accounted for 2/3rds of the crushers

reinforcements arrive in a very tactical position, away from errthing in the opposite corner. dp and pet chims go straight towards his bunker and caskets. bsb and lone crusher head for the corner camp. i get a few schpells off behind the trees, including upping the regen of a chim to 3+. i do however take three wounds on the dp from shooting

but the super regen chim dies to stalking, while the other flees. dp looks nonchalant 'i dont even know those guys dude'

dp fights a scorp, taking another wound, but getting one back from combat, and one from spells. yay nurgle. other chim rallies, and then charges the flank of chariot block that had failed a charge. it takes out all 8 in two rounds with only 1 wound left, thanks to shots and caskets. accounts for a horse block too before eventually dying. dp looks tough, then dies to stalking too. 5++ just aint that great

my crusher and bsb get away, but i cause no more damage, with the h/c missing every shot. very very frustrating there, and i wasnt too pleased.

so we racked em up again, dawn attack this time. greg goes first, and we advance

theres shooting, magic, moving, then the dp miscasts and falls down the hole. ger-rate.

i say what the hell, charge both chims in - who arent so hot on a casket test without a dp around, and one dies without killing the kitty. something awful happens to the crushers too, but cant quite remember. must have blocked it out. in any case it was only 8pm,  so we racked em up again

greg wanted a hoon with my lizo, so i got the emp out, my two aussie armies vs each other. battleline. he decides to take beasts instead of shadow but errthing else is the same lizo list

theres a little foreplay, with the cammies nabbing the h/blaster before a halberd block charges em out the building.

then nick arrives and im happy to tap out. greg fancies lizo again

more chaffing about, magic and pew pew, but it comes to a head when the cocs charge the rear of a letter block. not euphemisms. that goes on for a bit with the letters eventually winning, then the thirster goes into the temple guard

kills the champ thrust forward to fight him, and the rus counter charge, with the scar vet stepping up against the thirster. greg gets both panns pelt and savage beast on the vet, allowing the scar vet to strike back on one wound, landing two. combined with charge, flank, down a hill, 3 ranks, banner and bsb..

he pops. im sorry nick, but a thirster dying is a beautiful thing, as im sure we can all agree

so lots of gaming, and 0 painting. thats ok. then i spent most of today on universal battle with dave, and had a great game with my ong vs his nasty etc delves. i managed to deal with his chaff and keep my waaghtillery safe, snipe his mage early on, and take a big chunk of xbows with a foot. trukk got stuck against pendant peg bsb all damn game, but mvp had to be a chariot, taking out some driders, then making the rear charge and two wounds on a dragon locked in a challenge, then breaking it. it rallied, then the chariot went in again when sorcs failed frenzy - dead general ofc - did three more wounds in impact hits, and caught the bloody thing. sorry dave.

so again, lots of gaming, not so much painting. with a tourney on sun i doubt ill be able to finish my empire by monday, but ill have done a good chunk of the hard part.
but yeah, if you're on universal battle and keen for a battle, im ordak, hit me up yo

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