Thursday, 7 February 2013

Take it off thursdays: emp vs tk

so no crushers yet, meeting engagement, tk vs empire. i set up and go first. hellblaster is in the tower. if it looks like we are playing a 1k game

its because both of us started with tonnes off the board. one cannon, greatswords and whunter and detachment for me

chariots, kitty and casket for greg

i cannon 3 wounds off the titan, and 16 blaster shots dont scratch the kitty. i banish 7/10 horsies and bring errthing on

greg comes on, i shut down his magic, but he has enough shots to kill the blaster. i figured it would be worth trying an alpha strike, as knowing greg hed take it out asap. depleted harchers move back a bit

t2 calamity! one cannon fails to wound a kitty, the other blows up. i send detachment after depleted harchers, win and reform. no magic

the death of my cannon leaves a spot in my back lines EXACTLY the right size for his stalkers. do they scatter? no, of course not. only do one wound to the knights tho. he moves other harchers to boxcar charge range for detachment.

i make the boxcars, but fluff the combat after failing fear. cannon does nothing, i get a bubble timewarp up. in a lapse of judgement, i turn one halberd unit around to try magic the stalkers but cant, instead of just moving the wizo out. knights charge and kill a scorpion - of which greg has added two to his regular list.

stalkers charge the cannon, win and overrun off the boarrd. chariots hit hals, kill em all, and overrun into rear of other hals - with l4 anbd bsb inside. silly silly ben.

massive combat, he does 19 wounds, most of which are impact hits, and i kill 7 chariots with the combined counter charges. i lose by a couple, but bsb holds, along with errone else

looks like a bubble phas, but its not. me wizzie is dead. greatswords go into kitty, and bsb takes stalkers. wins by two, and i cant wound the kat, but he cant kb my characters

more of the same. bsb keeps tryna hold on there, but his 2+ rerollable fails him and he breaks. first time ive used a wardless bsb, despite the outcome, was quite impressed with his survivability

titan comes in, and makes g/s flee over a couple rounds. do a couple wounds to kitty, beofre the titan catches the swords, and other kitty hits the knights. they hold, but its a massive victory to the tk

so not quite how i predicted, but the outcome was the same. still no crushers, so tune in for tomorrows ong at hampton!

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