Saturday, 16 February 2013

Shirts off saturday

so off to hampton we go, getting in two games this time.
first up was blood and glory with ben leopold's and ogres. top to bottom he had a sabertusk, golfag maneaterman by himself, 8 leadbelchers, 9 guts with l4 and bsb with d/hbanner, another tusk, 3 mournfangs, 4 bulls with l2 butcher and an ironblaster. clearly a man who knows his shit.
top to bottom i had chim, crushers, hounds, halberd kwar, l4, twar, ahw kwar, dogs and hellcannon.

he goes foist, moving the m/f right in front of the dogs, blocking the ahw kwar. iblaster takes a flank shot down the crushers, but only does two wounds. belchers kill 6 halberd kwar.

 my hellcannon immediately then fails its rampage, and hits the flank of the m/fangs. chim joins l4 in the centre, crushers move to adjust their angle. h/c - in a poison forest - wins combat by a slim margin, doing two wounds, but he holds.

 bulls and butcher go into the flank of the h/c, and a s/tusk dickmoves the other hounds. ironblaster down the flank of the halberd kwars killsome, and belchers take the rest. 8 belchers is good.
h/c takes a couple wounds, and he gets a comet off by the h/c combat

 l4 and chim move around to get the blaster, and give him another flank shot with the crushers. i charge hounds into side of m/fang and win the combat, but they both hold. last crusher on two wounds charges a sabertusk, and overruns past golfag. hounds beat s/tusk, overrun between the ogre blockz and reforms later, deciding to switch teams

comet arrives, killing the hounds, hellcannon, all the remaining bulls, 2 m/fang, some ahw kwar, twar, and wounds butcher. chim stomps iblaster and overruns into butcher, ahw kwar take care of last m/fang and also overrun into butcher, in the flank and out of los of guts

kill the butcher, then get a final tranny on the guts, killing a couple, but nabbing his bsb and unit champ, i think. he charges remaining guts into ahw kwar, and then dimensionally cascades down the hole with the l4 and thats b&g for me.

we continue. lone crusher is now hiding safely behind a house, as are twar, and belchers keep failing swift reforms. kwar are destroyesd 

 as chim and l4 - who is now a level zero after two miscasts try and do some bad breaths for nada

ended up being a narrow win to me. bens a great guy to play, and correctly pointed out my error of not taking transmutation of lead, as i thought the guts were ws4. the l4 cascading was the only thing that swung it my way, as i relearnt the sting of ogre shooting. h/c being in combat t1 meant no panicking guts lol.

nevertheless, for the next game hampton continued to deliver the cream of vic fantasy. fresh from turning gregs tk into bone dust, i was playing against aussie no 1 david duriesmith and his vc. and boy, did i get a hiding. lets see how:

rolled a battleline, and i went first. daves packing a 'salty' list and once i understood the meaning of salty, i had to concur lol. blurry photo soz, but it gets better. top to bottom hes got hounds, bats, zombies, pair of hosts, bats, zombs, dogs x2, 20 ghouls with a l2 vamp, hexwraiths, black knight bus with l2 vamp bsb on a hellstead, and the 540pt tricked out - 4++/ogre blade/red fury/asf/l4/hellsteed vamp lord, and a terrorgheist

 i move up a bit, do two wounds to gheist with h/c, and transmute a few knights.

 he charges into one set of hounds, and blocks crushers with the other. ghest does two wounds with screamin'. i charge cannon into it, and l4 into dogs, after mine hold. kill hounds, but monster fight doesnt shift.

 and then i see the punchline of this list, when both flying vamps charge out and carve up h/c. bsb hero one doesnt overrun far enough, but vlord goes through crushers flank,after another scream does more wounds, crushers do one wound in return and are run down, vlord overruns into ahw kwar, killing them all before they can respond.

i charge a spirit host with twar and reform. chim flies over to building. l4 falls down the hole after i/f'ing and killing bsb vhero with golden hounds. kwar fail long charge into zombies

twar are run down after a combo charge by black knights and gheist. kwar catch the flank of the black knights but one is left alive, blast! chim goes into ghouls in building and between wounds and res - he does 3 wounds! - 2 ghouls and the l2 are alive and hop out the building. sigh

and the vlord goes through another woc blocks, aided by his gheist, and seeing i only had a chim on one wound left and a unit of hounds cowering, that was that.

dave was also great to play, and really gave me some food for thought for both my woc army and vc list. that flying vlord is terrifying, it basically killed my army single handed. hmm

so need to try finish the lizo this weekend, then into empire asap. they are all undercoated:

and ready to go, once i am

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