Thursday, 14 February 2013

Shirts off progress - 15/02/13

so ive been making the most of these late shifts at work, very nearly finished the lizo. just a lil bit more to do on the slaan, and the shields on the tg. and then base the whole lot. meant to get that all done last night, but shields took a lot longer to do than i thought.

heres a not great photo to prove im not lying lol

but the woc, they are all done. you'll notice shirts off warhammer means shirts off warhammer. its really hot. crushers and chim are lovely new additions

iphone photos, what can i say? better than nothing

chim chiminee, chim chimnee, chim chim chiru
i have a chimera, maybe i should have two

so, next week.

ive got the week off, bought the last 10 greatswords today, got to put them together tonight and then make a whole lot of spearmen into halberdiers. then when i get home, undercoat everything empire.

ive challenged myself to paint an entire 2400 pt talabheim empire army from scratch in a week. aside from a couple of obligations, i have 9 days off work, so plenty of time to play/not paint in that time. plus i bet greg 5$ that i could.

so expect some batreps from hampton tomorrow, followed by daily updates of 'the empire strikes ben' next week.
im not crazy, just driven - once i finish them, i can finally get that vc army ive been jizzing over.
got my paints, a cushion, and a big ol bag of the other sticky greenstuff, take your shirt off, and BRING IT ON!


  1. Thanks for the game! It was fun to get the vamps out as I very rarely use them. On charging characters you mentioned that your not allowed to charge two out, why isn't that possible? I must be missing something important.



  2. my pleasure dave, it was good to meet you. greg speaks of you in hushed tones, like lord voldemort.
    youve got a point there, i cant find anything about that, will edit. the way that vlord performed though, you hardly needed the bsb charging out anyway lol

  3. Gregs probably just been a bit traumatized by the Crunkening that happened at Axemaster. I was struck mute for a week after it went down.