Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Coming up on S.O.W

No, nothing to do with sneaky sex with pigs.

im talking bout Shirts Off Warhammer

got a game lined up with greg tonight, unless those crushers show up in the next hour, its empire vs tks.
not a great match up for me. in fact, i can tell you how its gonna pan out -

t1&2, gregs horsemen begin to take out cannons and hellblaster, rolling ridiculous amounts of 6's
t3 onwards his stalkers come up and ruin my knights, who are stuck miles away from bsb and potentially flee. from there he puts a kitty and chariot block into the greatswords, while the other kitty - if not completely cannoned - tries to nab the wizzie unit, all the while hes putting his shots into the bsb unit.
thats my prediction anyway

then tomorrow after work, ima go sink another couple hundred bucks into that empire list, and maybe do some assembling. ive got a lil challenge for myself with this, more on that later.

saturday, me greg and nick are heading out to the big kids club - hampton gaming club, a lot of etc dice floating around - to smash skulls and try get some more nerds in the S.O.W nerd net. nerds for the nerd god!

back to late shifts next week, so can polish off those lizo finally. got those skellies of gregs (mostly) painted last night, just got to give the titan a quick blat with the sticky green, and thats all done.
so yeah, nerds ahoy. expect more batreps shortly


  1. I'll see ya on Saturday then.

  2. sweet as bro, gizsa holla if you want to cross dice. well be there like midday