Saturday, 30 March 2013

Shirts off saturdays

no warhammer today, but all packed up for western smash tomorrow.
i did however get into town today and catch up with a certain jvdvl, to complete an international arms deal:

big thanks to him for lugging this ol metal beasties all the way across the ditch, swimming with it in his teeth. also picked up my first ever non d6 die, lets hope it doesnt become a gateway drug

we swung into mind games on our travels, and i stumbled upon a couple of beauties on the 2nd hand table there. old metal version vampress, not badly painted either, although you wouldnt believe it from the photos lol. also got a new plastic banshee, both for a total of $20! so whoever over here put them on that table, chur bro!

squirreling away vc bargains for future use. sweet as.
better go get some battle snacks for tomorrow, so until then dear readers.. take your shirt off

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  1. Treat her well. That Stank and I have some fond stanky memories.