Monday, 11 March 2013

Dear internet.

dear internet.

does anyone out there have any varghiest wings they are looking to sell/swap? im looking for two pairs
also looking for 5 pistoliers, if there are any spare out there.

thanks internet,

also, no game tonight, greg is still beset by hens. poor fella
hopefully get some painting done tonight, but lets be honest, im getting really good at procrastinating. and sweating.

one of my favourite procrastinations is in the form of youtube battle reports. one of the problems with the internet, and not just warhammer related, is everyone and their squig does batreps, but only some of them actually know how to play. also, it can be hard to find the 2400pt, painted lists that we all deserve.

so heres a list of my youtube warhammer subscriptions. check em out, these dudes know how to play, and update fairly regularly:

matthew reeson
tom richards
mr malorian
luke davis
rhys mcdonald
mobius primal
the thunderhammer

also, play universal battle. its great!
hopefully more updates later this week, depending on whether this 30+ weather continues


  1. How long does a game of UB take? also is it a free download?

  2. a little bit longer than a regular game, depending on how familiar you are with the program. flash game, so dont have to download, but if you want to create your own list you need to subscribe for a pittance. like 30$ for a lifetime membership