Thursday, 14 March 2013

Take it off thursdays: woc vs tk

out to gregs for a 2400pt battleline. im using the woc list posted earlier in the list round up, greg has those tks. i castle up somewhat, and he goes first.

moves up, shoots some hounds, i burn my scroll on a casket

i move the chims and l4 over, dont move anything else. darn chariots. i do king hit the titan with a hellcannon shot tho, whoop!

greg moves some more, sends a casket through my entire army, not doing too much damage, but nipping two wounds off a chim. i move the chims up into a blindspot, while the l4 wishes them well from afar. damn kb scorpions

shoots and caskets on chim, charge the other with a scorp, i win and reform, and swap chims for photographies sake

i get some spells off, not like there is combat. chim gets into flank of bunker and kills half, have used the breath weapon to take last wound off scorp

stalkers come up, but misfire and end up on the far edge. chariots reform to kill chim, other scorp blocks crushers, who kill it. chim puts in work and is two skellies + heiro away from popping unit. get them the next turn, but lose the chim, and crumble doesnt really kill anything. greg also gets the top kitty into h/c finally, but cant kill it. i gotta run for me train and we call it there, looking like a draw

picking up some more lizo stuff tonight, so hopefully be some skrox updates later this weekend. got a bit of greenstuffing to do, and another new edition to the woc list. more soon!

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