Thursday, 28 March 2013

Take it off thursdays: woc vs tk

oh heeeeey fellas
so big meach has been looking for alternative beasts of nurgle models, and i found this one:

pretty sickening stuff.
 game with greg last night, practicing with our western smash lists for sun. mine is:

 l4, mot, lore of tz, disc of tz, tz of tz, 3rd eye, cshield, scroll, 4++, bad breath
exalted  bsb, motz, 5++, eshield, fear sword
2x5 hounds, vanguard
16 kwar, the usual
15 twar, the usual
chariot, mon
chim, the usual
4 crushers, muso

rolled battleline and greg goes foist. hes got the usual, less the 2xscorps
this is not the most exciting of battle reports, ill tell you this right now. we;re both western smashing this game. anyway, heres after vanguards

i scroll the first of many 6 dice caskets. gets the first of many vengeances on crushers. im not feeling like moving them much anyway, so there. and my dads a black belt. shooting only nabs 1 hound. greg switches dice

 i move about, trying to keep all the stalkable spots covered. chariot moves up. get a 12 dice phase - a lot of that on both sides this game - and if a gateway on the chariots, only killing one and giving them regen. if does nothing, as does the rest of the phase. hellcannon misses. all game. c'mon buddy. hes probably just hungry

 my turn again, in the meantime gregs shemd the centre hounds off, charged his horses into rear of chariot and lost 9 over two rounds, i turn around. stalkers misfire to death, 2nd time for them ever. i s11 a gateway and kill half the chariots. they get regen. theres a 22 inch no mans land down the bottom

 greg throws a kitty into rear of chariot, and both pursue, but last horsearcher runs in front of the kwar, allowing me the overrun into the next unit. shooting and caskets and vengeances drops a crusher. hellcannon misfires and runs forward. greg fails a boxcar onto the l4 with chariots, but desert winds them back and regrows one. i gateway the chariots again, to do nothing and give them more regen. t5 now tho, theyre not gonna do anything, but i wont kill em.

kwar overrun a whooping 11 so both kitties go into crushers. kill one, but do 2 wounds to one, and 1 to the other. i hold. one not in combat fails a long overrun into hellcannon. i let a casket through that does 2 wounds to my l4. think i forgot to reroll my wards. and the tz lore attribute all game. lol

i throw a chim into kitty as it had burnt its breath weapons, lose another crusher, but manage to get those 6's to wound and nab it. that swung it to about a 300 pt win, thanks to those disappearing stalkers too lol

so western smash on sun, more batreps after then! and good luck to everyone at natcon this weekend too

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