Friday, 1 March 2013

Doubles troubles: mal and locky style 2

another batrep from ol you know who, one game from a recent doubles tourney in christchurch. i tell you though, if mal batrep every tourney game this thoroughly, id have no time to do anything but post it lol..

Pew Pew Pew back from Warclouds, and  had an amazing weekend of drinking and gaming very good fun indeed.

So as promised I thought i'd do a little batrep, and here it is.
However I got pretty drunk on the first day, so...... I will just do some shout out for those guys as its all a little hazy and day 2 I was a little jaded so the only game I actually did stuff for was game 4.
The Wallis Brothers, One I hate the other I love, never met I guy i'd want to stab more repeatedly (in a nice way - i'm not a nut job but if you ever hear the story of stabby Mal, well its true), Nathan and Carl, top guys real good sports and I think Locky showed them the Ogre Filth. Vercoe and Uncle Al, If you guys ever met the Vercoe, he is like the Macguyver of warhammer, he will find the most obscure thing in the world and make it it to an army. (he has an empire army with little dudes on penny farthings as demi-chickens). Mike and Ray-ray another bunch of good sorts and finally an apology to Kerry and John, for taking warhammer far to seriously. (Me and Locky had a disagreement and threw our toys out the pram but we are friends now yay)

So Game 4 was the only one that I really took pictures, me and Locky were playing two awesome guys Sass and Lil Chris (Yes he is Little), the scenario was Blood and Glory straight out of the box so you played until someone broke and then worked out the VP. Lil Chris has a really nicely painted army I had chat to him and he told me it still wasn't finished wow can this kid paint. Sass had an amaze balls converted ogre army. Check out the pics. I hope that I have done their armies justice.

Sass had ogres and Lil Chris had Empire, Here a quick run down of there lists

Morog Plague-Feaster, the Ever -Devourer, Nurg-Maw-Blessed, Life-Bane: daemon-Tyrant of the plague Feaster tribe
Tyrant- Heavy armour, Abrayan Carpet, Sword of Striking and talisman of protection

Sgrull warp-Eater, Seer of the Nurg-Maw
Level 2 Hellheart lor of the Maw

7 Ironguts Full command and Banner of Swiftness

The Warp-Breath dragons
4 Lead Blechers

Stonehorn with Harpoon launcher

Lil Chris list.

Arch Lecter, Biting Blade, DragonHelm Heavy Armour Shield

Captain BSB Full plate, GW

Wizard Lv2 Shadow


40 Swordsmen full command
18 Free Company Detachment

5 Demi-Gryph Knights Full Command 

and a Hellblaster.

So deployment we had to split the table between the two armies, so I was on the left flank facing the Ogres and Locky was facing the empire and the KFC Knights. The Spells that I had were 2 Signature spells for Heavens so thats Iceshard Blizzard, (-1 hit -1Ld) and Uranon's Thundercats and Curse of the Midnight Wind. Sass Butcher had Toothcracker and Brain Gobla, and Lil Chris Shadow had Mind wazoooooooooooor and Miasma. errrrr................could off done without mindwazor but hey, i wasn't fancying the empire horde.

So Everyone knows that skinks love marshes and there happened to be a Khemrian quicksand right in sass and Lil chris's deployment zone, why bother telling you this well that would spoil the surprise. I vanguarded the Terradons on the hope of getting to the hellblaster or something else in range in case we got first turn. So we rolled off to see who went first and I rolled a 5 and Lil Chris rolled a 3. Sweet First Turn, The Terradons went in for the swoop on the Tyrant who was in range and I knew if that guy didn't go down then I was in trouble, target fixed and the drop rocks bombardment began. 16 Hits from 8D3 rocks, scored 5 wounds and then the fun stuff started to happen. Sass picked up his dice and failed all his armour saves and all his wards. Poof. TAKE IT OFF. the tyrant went down like a sack of shit, this started a cataclysmic event, the Lead belchers panicked and the fled from the closest enemy  and ran through the khemrian quicksand. So all 4 had to take some dangerous terrain checks, Sass managed to fail 2 of them so the unit was down to half. The Ironguts also panicked and ran towards the near board edge.

The Stonehorn was the only thing that did not run away. The skinks sensing blood may a dash for the ogres so that they could all pew pew zulu dawn them.The ones near the Stonehorn weren't so brave and maintained a healthy distance away from the Stonehorn for a bit. Locky pushed his ogres forward but was too scared to get close to the hellblaster. In the magic phase we concentrated on icesharding the butchers unit to make sure that it continued running hopefully. Shooting and more ogres died. Then Sass and Lil Chris had a go, Lil Chris shuffled forward a little and aimed the Hellblaster at the terradons. Sass rolled like a daemon and managed to rally his Ironguts, unfortunately the Leadblechers continued to flee, and lost another one to the quicksand so now needed double 1's to rally. The Stonehorn ambled forward a little trying to weather the storm and get in close so that it could use its harpoon gun on the mournfang. Their magic phase was uneventful and the shooting phase saw a couple of terradons die but they managed not to panic. I had managed to get a unit of camo skinks behind Lil Chris lines and he had turned his detachement around to face them, showing his back side to Locky's Ogres.

Turn 2, on my side the Terradons decide to charge the the Hell blaster, 2 of them mange to land in the quicksand awesome, so I pick up my dice roll them and what do you know snake eyes one of the dies, panics the unit and they run away from the hellblaster genius tactical retreat. The Mournfang try a cheeky charge into the KFC's and fail (I think) and the ogres over to the far right move straight for the detachment, who had turned around to stare at some camo skinks who looked like trees. the skinks on my side of the board ran towards the stone horn and the Ironguts for more zulu action. Magic phase and the double iceshard on the chickens cause we think they may charge the Mournfang. Shooting and more pew pew and the Stonehorn and the a few more Ironguts hit the ground.  In Sass and Lil Chris turn, the lone Leadblecher keep's running, the ironguts charge some skinks which pew pew them coming in. and the Hellblaster points at mournfang. Lil Chris decided not to charge the Mournfang but to shout them with the hellblaster instead. He managed to kill one of them. The ogres proper smash face the lil Skinks they were fighting and they break, Sass doesn't manage to catch them.

 Turn 3,  No charges for me (are there ever) well yes, there are actually. the Terradons are brave and charge the Hellblaster, and Locky bites the bullet charges the rear of the detachment with his small ogre unit, and the mournfang charge the Colonel's secret recipe. My skinks rally and prepare for their last rites again, their mate go in for some pew pew action. Magic and manage to get one iceshard off on the KFC, Sass and Little Chris manage to shut down everything else. Shooting, and an another Ironguts dies, Combat and the terradons are in a major spaf off with the crew, I think I won by one, but little Chris held. Locky rolls rubbish against the KFC's and actually loses combat but manages to hold due to the General beinhg nearby, the small unit of ogres stomps the detachment and kills the wizard. Combat reform goodness towards the massive unit of swordsmens.

Sass, decides to charge out the butcher by himself, as he is immune to poison, I'm a little scared, with your standard stand a shoot your hitting on 5 with 6's poisoned, so now my small unit of 8 is hitting on 5's wounding on 6's, not something they enjoy. They bolt, Sass redirects into some camo skinks and they bolt, who cris-cross some other skinks causing more panic test and they all start running. Combat and the spaf off continues but locky wins combat by 1 or 2 (I think) small roll needed here as they still have Iceshard on them. Lil Chris fails his break test.............pants
So, Locky's unit managed to win combat against the Demi Chickens thanks to the buffs on them, they broke and ran causing a panic test in the horde unit of swordmens behind. Lil Chris picks up some more dice first roll is a 10 sweet Lil Chris had a BSB rolls a 11, uh-oh he rolls the flee distance and as they are so close to the board edge they flee off the board and the KFC's flee off the board as well. So that was it breakpoint achieved no skill involved at all. It was pretty gutting for it to happening this way. The funny thing was that the only thing Sass lost was the Stonehorn and the Tyrant, 1 leadbelcher was still running so no points lost here, one Irongut left alive and the Butcher was alive with a couple of wounds left running solo say boo to all my skinks. Ps I may have missed out a turn somewhere..............Sass popped his Hellheart but he was out of range of my skink priest and I'm pretty sure a mindwazor went off at some point on the swordsmen.
In the end me and Locky won 6 out of 6 so back to back wins at warclouds and another medal to take home and show the misses, she was well erm....................impressed. LOL Anyways guys hope you guys reading this dribble.
Next tournament should be Natcon in Wellywood. Probably will do just the one Batrep and lots of photo's. Let me know what you prefer 1 batrep or several little ones or more photos.

Pew Pew and remember to choose to roll 6's or :)


  1. Some nice paint jobs there man, looks like a fun tourney too.

  2. Hey mate,

    Yeah Lil Chris is a awesome painter, Sass Ogres are beatifully converted.

    You should pop down to the South Island sometime, play in a real hobby event


  3. I know, I know, I owe it to the mainland to participate more, you should recommend a premium event that I could herd some more folks too.