Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Take it off tuesdays: lizo vs tk

so off to gregs for a very very quick game. hes running the usual tk list, ive got a similar lizo list, only difference is no cold ones, and ancient steg and 2x3 trolladons instead, and light on the slann. battleline, and greg goes first

he moves up, gets a movement spell off too, and im ready to call it here. caskets 3 wounds off the steg, and shoots most of my skinks

i move around a bit, and shoot both kitties down to a couple wounds each. if a banishment on chariots which kills a couple, he raises em back anyway. pass the miscast, which does nothing. ancient steg lights up on one kitty, but rolls a 9 on 4d6. ffs

chariots go into sally, and overrun into skinks. i dont know what i was thinking here, shoulda fled with both.
kitties and scorps go through the thin skink line. rus charge through the gap into a wounded kitty with timewarp, kill it and overrun.

thats basically all that survives of my army. steg dies to stalking, tg are wiped out over a few rounds, as is slann.

although a sally flank charges stalkers and kills em all in two rounds, who cares really, i get stomped by those tk again

i try charge the last scar vet out into hiero, but fall short and call it on t4 so i can make my train

ahhh warhammer. you fickle mistress. ill get the hang of these lizos one day


  1. Dude that's brutal. How long is the journey to gregs for the games?

    1. ha, exactly. not as long as it took to play thankfully, but only because i started in town lol

  2. I'm seeing a distinct lack of Skinks. Double flee traps + poison pew pew and 3d6 banishment goodness should beat those TKings.

    Brutal game though. What's the damage output of that chariot unit on the charge??

    1. yeah, kooked it pretty bad there. still not used to armies that are more complicated than running straight forward. but will post both the good and the bad lol

      i dont have the enough asurman blue or gusto to paint anymore skinks. dont want a night goblin scenario again. 4d6s5 impacts with 8 chariots