Saturday, 9 March 2013

Listy list lists: round up

its too hot to do anything but sweat and write 2400pt lists. and play u.b.
heres whats been going on:

ong - no changes

orc warboss, stubborn hat, 4++ armour, shield, +1 to hit swoard
orc l4, scroll

blorc bsb, 4++, charmed shield
sorc l1, head
blorc bb, fencers blades
gobbo bb, gigantic spider, la&s, spear
gobbo bb, gigantic spider, la&s, spear

5 spiders
23 sorcbuns, fc, ahw
32 orcs, fc, hws

6 trolls
2xwolf chariots

2 doom divers
2 rock lobbas
2 manglers

loads of heroes and chaff. sorcbuns are an optimal size as far as im concerned. its a funny list to play, looks quite aggressive, but usually has more success being standoffish for half the game. no surprises there. next,

woc - subject to change. suddenly two chims are a liability. ive also got a dprince version, but still a little smarting from its last outings

l4, motz, metal, disc, scroll, 4++, charmed shield, 3rd eye, bad breath

exalted, bsb, motz, 5++, eshield, fear sword

2x5 wolves, vanguard
16 woc, mok, halberds, m&s, flame banner
15 woc, motz, hws, fc

chim, regen, bad breath
chim, regen, bad breath

4 crushers, e/w, muso

problem is, cant really do much with 275 pts, so dropping both makes more sense, pts wise. regardless of all the cans of corn we'll see about now, i will field this list for a while before having a hearty sob.
whats that smell?

empire - more changes, more cheese

general, fparmour, shield, bwhorse, fear sword, stubborn hat, 4++
l4, light, scroll

captain, fparmour, eshield, dawnstone
 priest, g/w, harmour &opal amulet, ii
priest, harmour, cshield, bwhorse
w/h, bopistols, poiniative

10 icknights, fc, steel standard
30 hal, fc
10 hgunners

32 g/s, fc, gleaming pennies
det 16 swoards
5 pistoliers, m


rejigged the hals, dropped some shootin' for different shootin', and after years of hatin', finally incuded a stank. only 8 in the entire empire, and i know someone with two lol. but regardless, trying to round it off, and add another pt sink in a stank shape

lizo - mucho change-o

slann, +1pd, loremaster, light, bsb, cupped hands, blood statuette

priest, scroll
scar vet, la& eshield, burning blade, curse charm

2x11 skirms
2x12 skirms
23 rus, fc, hws
24 skinks/3krox

19 tguard, fc
2x3 terras
2x5 chammies


so, bit more in line with conventional lizo wisdom. light on slann rather than shadow, ancient steg out for skrox unit now that im rocking light, and i have some krox already. plus it also means they can do the fightin instead of the tg. thought id give a razordon a go too, didnt realise they get very few shooting penalties - basically only if you are in cover/skirmisher -  and had 25 pts spare for a nasty lil blood statuette.
not gonna work against t4 up, but there are a lot of t3 spellcasters out there. plus it has no range or los restrictions - better check the faq on that one. ive noticed with lizo, despite the lore, if you have a reasonable magic phase with a +1pd slann, theres no way your opponent can stop everything. and i didnt want to have to buy more terras instead lol.
so thats all the current lists, as much for my own reference as your input, dear readers/internet.
game on tues and thurs this week i think, gotta get a lil greenstuffing done on the new crushers, paint a spiderboss or two, and get the new shirts off warhammer logo ready to screenprint. can i do any of that in this heat? lets hope so!