Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Take it off tuesdays: woc vs tk

off to gregs, woc vs that damn tk list, dawn attack. ive got the nasty fast woc today, with:
lil poppa - l4 nurgle flying dprince, 2+5++, cshield, dbgem, scroll of shielding, bad breath, poison, soul feeder, then mok bsb, jugger, mr3, ii, shield, 3x5 wolves, 2 with vanguard, 4 monurgle chariots, 2 chims with regen and bad breath, and 5 juggers, muso and s, +1m banner. nasty. greg goes first and heres a photo of my t1 movement

both chims light up horse archers, top one kills all ten in one go! the other only kills 5. no magic

greg moves up, bottom scorp charges bottom chim, but is kilt in one round. his stalkers do two wounds to prince with stalking. greg shoots off a chariot, thanks to dessication.

crushers move round to intercept stalkers, bottom chim goes into chariots. other chim and dp move up the top. still no magic

greg sends his remaining harchers into a chariot, and despite failing fear i kill 2 and hold. other scorp kamakazis into dprince and dies. chariots are steadily eaten by chim. stalkers flank a chariot, but fortunately for crushers i hold

crushers go in and wipe em out, chim keeps snacking on chariots, dprince makes it into an archer block.
i sent a plaguewind through both units, killing half of the hieros unit. soul feed all my wounds back at some point too, dont know how much nutrition is in old skeletons, but also dont know how a nurgle princes' digestive system works. anyway, wipe out the unit in two rounds

crushers punch through and overrun 11, but have flank to a kitty. who fails his charge, thank god. good kitty.
bottom chim finishes off chariots, and turns to face hiero - whos on one wound left now. lil poppa turns to face more skellies, and other chim eyes up casket

both make it in, crushers reform to face kitty. other chim fails march test, but moves out of kitty los. casket doesnt blow up when it dies, and prince gets stuck into more skellies

heres a quick shot of end of game as i was packing in a frenzy to run to my train. lil poppa pops the last skarchers, kitty goes into crushers and takes 4 wounds, doing two in return. both chims live, as does last chariot, and its a win to the fast woc!

so no game on thurs, gotta write the fluff for this tourney and print some shirts still, hopefully tonight.
day 1 is singles, day two is the doubles, so we're keep schtum on the lists until sat night, but hoping to do a countdown in the run up. more to come

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