Monday, 18 March 2013

Shirts off progress

got a lil bit done this weekend, assembled a box of skinks to complete the unpainted skrox unit

whos this chap? why its another chimera!
chim chiminee, chim chiminee, chim chim, chi ree
ive got two chimeras, maybe next ill have 3

more crushers! ah! plus a bsb. also went and replaced the magnets out of all the crushers, replaced with rare earth ones. works much better, thanks greg.

and painted up a couple spiderbosses. the spiders may not be gigantic, but by grud the base is.

game against greg tonight, will have a talk to him about releasing our lists for vicc this weekend, might still be top secret though.
word has it that hampton are taking a chaos siege force, 3xwoc with maxed out hellcannons, chims and princes, cdwarves with kdaii - 2k pts remember, yikes - and ogres, no doubt double blaster.
gotta write some fluff for our 5 armies too, an uphill battle given the races we're taking lol
also gotta print the new singlets, so lots to do this week, updates soon!


  1. So on a scale of 1 to pants wetting how afraid of this week end are you? 11?


  2. the only thing about this weekend that fills me with dread is having to get up early.
    i hope youve got your shirt tucked in dave, and that dice cup fastened to your wrist

  3. I have been rubbing linseed oil into my thighs to power up my power stance.