Monday, 4 March 2013

Whats been going on, shirts off warhammer?

right! so, week of empire painting was more like 3 days. i decided there was no rush, and it was too hot in my room, so i owe greg 5$, and procrastinated instead. more on that later.

hit the 5000 view mark this week too, so thanks for everyone coming and checking out me nerd talk. good one.

couple of tournies coming up this month, got the vic interclub teams tourney in a couple weeks, 2k each for the first day, then doubles day two. lists later - so hampton cant plot against us :p
then theres western smash the weekend after, 4 games of 2250. gonna take woc to that.
got a game vs greg tonight, with the new lizo list. will do a recap of lists later this week.

other than that, heres whats on me desk at the moment. got a couple leftover crushers heading sammies way once i get paid, one is a bsb on jugger for a fast woc list:

found my steg and reglued and reassembled. using it as an ancient, so have gone to town contructing a gun (pew pew) platform on the howdah, trying to give it that quad flak gun look

kinda hard to tell. both parts of the howdah come off for ease of painting though

heres the gun part closer up, will make more sense once painted

pew pew take it off!

then theres the nurgle daemon prince. old metal 40k one that is missing an arm. next time you see this guy hell be covered in greenstuff and have a pair of wings. i have two woc lists, one fast one with prince, one block(ish) one with a l4 metal caster

also got a couple of gobbo big bosses on gigantic spiders to paint. regular sized spider, but with a gigantic base! lol, you cheap bastard

and the ever present empire. ran out of steam, and then re wrote my list. typical ben

so yeah. plenty to do, never enough time to do it. you know how it is

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