Thursday, 17 January 2013

Shirts off progress

right. so. lots on. first: lil bit of greenstuff, and the crushers are done, heading off to get painted next week. thanks sammy!

next, vc. vcs are on hold. ive had some discussions with dave, and i need further tweaking and playtesting.
basically, what dave says goes. now normally this would sound snarky, or that im an idiot, but dave is my yoda and hes got some valid points. will be posting new list ideas later

im the meantime, im going to do that empire army that i bought and kind of sidelined.
who likes puzzles???
i ask, because heres a list of empire that i now own:

1 Mounted COTE              - captain of the empire.
1 mounted warrior priest
1 mounted wizard
1 wizard foot
2 engineers
12 knights full command
14 swords men full
18 halberds full
41 spears full
10 bowmen
8 crossbow men
40 hand guns
12 great swords full
2 cannons
1 mortar

if anyone reckons they can make a competitive list from this, please reply to the post.
am keen to hear some thoughts before i shell out for more greatswords, chicken knights, and outriders. this empire list is still very much up in the air, and c&c always welcome.
but i will pistol whip anyone that suggests 40 handgunners. or 2x20. youve been warned

lizardmen: are getting painted, and have been all this week. the bad news is ive had to accept my first case of biting off more than i can chew with sculpting, and had to quit sculpting the slann. i could tell quite early on that i wouldnt end up with the result i wanted, and forgot that a: im in australia, where slanns dont cost 120$, and b: lord kroak. so i shelled out 80 bux for the finecast version with the mask.
other than that, the lizos are on track, im about 75% done - minus the slann. one more big push and i should be on the home run, to put them aside and start painting and collecting other armies.
ah, the single life

so thats where we are at the moment. back to normal shifts next week, so will be more batreps coming, gregs keen to keep practicing with his cancon dwarves - i couldnt get time off and it had sold out - but hopefully after that hell come to his senses. i promised id give him a hand painting some tk too once id finished the lizos, so will be seeing more of that coming up too


  1. 40 gunners with 2 helblasters with engineers either side.. LOLZ. Chuck in a lvl4 on shadow ftw.
    2 cannons, some big bird cav and the knight bus to counter.

    Not sure if the models you've got make a decent army though.. not enough of any one thing other than gunners, knights and cannons.

  2. yeah, gonna have to buy some new stuff, got a fair bit of crunching to do before then tho

    dunno about hellblasters tho, everytime ive used one its just been easy pts