Tuesday, 12 February 2013


it all starts with good omens in the skies the night before..

 and behold: skullcrushers in the post the next day

 gonna give the flames just a lil wash, but other than that its just bases. the top halves are pinned kinda loosely and interchangeable.

 middle one here isnt checking his fly, hes just not on the right jugger. when i say interchangeable, what i really mean is interchangeable, kinda.

two thumbs up for sammy's paintjob, not to mention the speed.
took like twice as long in the post to get back than it did for him to paint em. top job matey, cheers. the rest of yez, read his blog: http://hashutsrighthand.blogspot.com.au/ or ill send my crushers after you. maybe if we're lucky he'll share some pics of his best painted trophies beauty armies

so off we go to give em a test spin, a rematch of sorts after my greenskins were sent home in body bags after my last biffo with gregs de. top to bottom hes got a coc block sporting fc and the ring of hotek, 5 harpies, which look suspiciously like slayers, b(lack)g(uard), that darn hydra, frenzied corsairs, more harpies, cauldron of doorknob bsb, bows, pair of chariots, more xbows with a metal l4. ruh roh.

ive got my current woc list h/c at the top, next to my half painted chim, dogs, disc l4, halberd k(horne)war(riors), t(zeentch)war(riors) ahw kwar, more dogs, and crushers. i go foist

i dont really move up that much, aside from the l4/chim tag team and crushers. magic i gateway 3 cocs off, and warpflame two more. told you, internet. h/c misfires and rampages into a fender bender with the l4.

greg's cocs fail the first of too many stupidity tests, the bg arent deterred. not much else moves. i get the scoll out on the first of many s(earing)dooms, and dice a plague of rust. he does get enchanted blades off, but all the shooting did nought.

i then send the breath weapon buddies to the flank of the bg, and out of los of hydra. not mush elsh movsh. crushers fail both frenzy, and a boxcars charge. i blue fire 3 harpies, and warpflame gets the last two. nice. i get a pink fire through, but completely overshoot the bg. double bad breath however, kills 17/20. teehee

the remainder try to act nonchalant, and sidle off round the forest. the cold ones may have been stupid, or taciturn. who knows with those guys. its also dickmove time for the harpies, but to no avail after he sdooms a crusher. we all know which one. hydra moves to menacing range, and he may have got a wound through in this rounds shooting on the crushers.

he does get more wounds on the s&s failed charge. khorne and i simply cannot abide the presence of enemy spellcasters, but were perhaps a touch too reckless in our decision making. share the blame with the god of skulls, why dont you. hounds try to block hydra, but fail terror test later. h/c rampages forward again, and the bad breath buddies fly back to rejoin the main lines, completely out of breath

miss a photo here, but he shoots and magics my crushers down to one, with one wound. boo. i kill the harpies he d/mvd again though. hounds flee and rally. hydra moves up. i charge the cocs with h/c, and the chim into the whistling trio of bg. errone else looks on menacingly from a distance

another missed photo here, but hydra goes into ahw kwar.
now i took a gamble and gatewayed three wounds off it, but sure nuff, i couldnt king hit it, and it had 2 wounds left, but a 3+ regen.
touche, internet.
the kwar died in the second round, only nabbing one wound despite a shit tonne of attacks. nice regen buddy, where'd you get it?
corsairs fail a charge into twar,but are still k/b buffed from the cauldron. so i do the sensible thing and charge both units in. of course he killing blows my bsb. but only kills a handful, despite a plague on the twar. i kill about half in return, win but only pursue with the kwar, who didnt catch him. i really should have pursued with both, i cant remember what my thinking was there.
elsewhere, the last crusher gets chariotted off the board. chim kills last bg and gives the john key handshake to the h/c vs 3 coc tickle fight

in the last turn the corsairs rally, but dont bother to turn. monster v dinosaur fight ends in a win to the monsters, thanks s6 chimera. twar get hammered by sdoom and flee out of shooting range. cheeky blimmin chariot charge to the l4's rear that i had to hold, as not to flee directly in front of the hydra i couldnt magic to death in my turn. chariot cant get through the old 2+/charmed shield/motz/4++/golden eye combo. teehee. but i do lose by three, think im ld9 and hold, but then fled far enough in the corrected outcome anyway.

ended up being a draw. shoulda.. coulda woulda. etc. but! that lil test run was an ideal test enviroment for my list:

 seeing how t4 crushers stand up to shooting, what to let through when with them and metal. still a very disappointing painted debut, and the first time they have died. ah well.

chim's debut was a scorcher, literally!  not a dad, i know, and im sorry.
 but tag teaming with l4 was a good result, and i doubt gregs ever gonna let THAT happen again.

the wiggly tooth - ahw kwar - could have been much better if it was pulled out, and replaced with another chimera. just sayin. do i want to be that guy though? and not to mention comp. regardless, early days.

but, thing that was clearest to me here, was the choice of lore. again, an ideal opportunity to see how it panned out against hordes, monsters, and regen. first thing i noticed was that i only really used two spells, blue fire and gateway. missed with a pink fire once, and was too far away to glean any magic. i completely forgot about the lore attribute, but dont think it would have helped.

the flaming kwar getting outdeployed by hydra meant i had to take the gateway gamble to try get rid of it, particularly with an underperforming hellcannon. old gateway, no problems, not even a decision to make. now theres 'no more take it all off sucker', so i would being throwing it at big stuff more often, but itll usually take a couple turns to do it. but if it doesnt work out, that fucking kitty has a 5+ regen, or hydra/abom: even worse. these are the things i need to kill at range, as no savvy opponent would let them near my flaming halberds.

whats your point, you handsome bearded man? you aks. well, i think its time for me to stop clutching onto the lore of tzeentch cuddle blankie, thats what. and also, does a bearded man with a blanket automatically equate to a homeless person? i digress.

lore of fucking metal, thats what. in all of the above test situations, would have been better. golden hounds/sdoom on the hydra, no probs. final tranny on the corsairs/mage bunker. im on a (horse.) disc, ive got all the mobility to get the buffs and hexes off on the units i need em on, not to mention mot lets me keep all my shinies, but take metal instead.
so we is off to hampton again this weekend, with (hopefully) a finished woc army, led by a metal caster for the first time. change is as good as a holiday, and ill be on holiday anyway, so technically thats a double holiday. boom, lawyered.

more progress to come later in the week, i best git to paintin'

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