Thursday, 29 November 2012

swoard of khaine: round 5.2

so 39 degrees in melbourne yesterday, and greg and i got a game in tonight for our campaign. just so all the top 4 dudes had played each other, to make it official we had the TO come over and sit in. we're both running the usual lists, though this one still has reagan in it. apologies about the photos. we play battleline, greg goes first

gets a desert wind off, i stop the casket. then in my turn i monkey a big foot, if it, nail all but the chariot champ and lord with two hits, then lose foot, and my l4 is now a l1 with brain bursta lol. one lobba gets 4 wounds on the right hand kitty

gregs left horse archers fail a charge into dd, and he starts to move to plan b here - move backwards and try raise stuff

left hand chariot goes after the horsemen, i move up. reagan tries his luck on the closest kitty, but cant nab final wounds with shooting. fair enough. reagan does some lurking. chariot kills a few, doesnt vape em out

so kitty goes into chariot, and overruns thusly. i think he fails a swift reform with the archer bunker here

reagan goes into the 10 archers in the building and phases em out, lobba delivers a king hit to the left hand kitty, and it is taken off. single troll kills a couple, is out of los of chariots, and stays put. this goes on for a couple turns

i get the trukk and trolls in, but cant overrun into chariots. reagan continues lurking after a casket - i think - plus spirit leech from titan reduce him to one wound. poor fella

he gets reagan, but more of his army crumbles. single troll goes into casket and wins. whoop

and thats how it ends up, 14-6 to the greenskins. youll notice no stalkers this game, the one turn he didnt roll a one or two, he then rolled a misfire and they went back into the sand. apparently this is the only time they havent actually come up. you spoil me greg.

so last round is 15/12, gonna be a nail biter of a finish.
working late shift at work tonight, so hope to get all my sculpting finished to show ya'll tonight lol.
and once again, best of luck to everyone at the nz masters this weekend. looking forward to seeing the results. go get em gang!


  1. Well done Ben and thanks for having me. Good luck for the finals bro!

  2. thanks gordon. and now you know where my lair is, feel free to hit me up for a game